The car industry has seen a radical change in body styles, especially in recent decades. There are more than 400 different body styles available in the automobile market. We cannot discuss all of them but to keep it simple, we are discussing the 7 most popular types of body styles.


Coming with four doors and a traditional trunk, sedans are easy to identify because are they are the most common car type on roads. You can find these in an array of sizes from mid-size sedan like Honda Civic to full-size sedan like Toyota Camry. There are a few small sedans as well. These include Kia Sedona and Nissan Versa


This is the stylish body style which attracts a lot of young auto enthusiasts. While two-door cars were considered coupe, this notion has now changed as the car manufacturers have introduced four-door coupes. But, this has also blurred the line between sedans and coupes.

Coupes are different from sedans because these feature low and sleek rooflines. Good examples of four-door coupes include Mercedes Benz CLS and BMW X6.

Sports car

Being trendy and cool, this is another body style which attracts the young audience. These are sumptuous and physically they are low to ground and sleek. Most sports cars are two-seaters. Porsche 911 and Mazda Miata are good examples.

You can also find Muscular and sturdy sports cars such as the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger. Sports cars are considered a luxury and they are quite expensive compared to other body styles.

Station Wagon

Just like sedans, wagons have four doors and a trunk. However, these feature an extended roofline and a hatch door at the rare. Some wagons have elevated ground clearance and the body is sometimes boxy which makes them similar to SUVs.

Considered old-fashioned, the sale of this body style has decreased drastically in recent decades.


Do you remember those stylish roofless cars in movies driven by a protagonist on high-speeds? We are sure you have seen a convertible once in your life. These vehicle come with a fabric roof which is powered and folds down automatically. Some of these require you to fold them by hand. Despite being stylish, these also offer a lot of headroom and road visibility.


Ask any laymen the definition of the hatchback and he will tell you a compact or subcompact sedan with the squared-off appearance and a hatch door at the back. And, this is true to some extent. These are easy to recognize still so many people confuse them with other cars which have hatch doors.

Kia Rio and Volkswagon Golf are two popular hatchbacks. Although these vehicles are small in size, they come with plenty of features. Recently, some automobile manufacturers like Audi and Kia have introduced larger hatchbacks in the market including Kia Stinger and Audi A7. They are quite similar to the sedan but the hatch door at the back which ensures easy access to cargo makes them different from sedans.


Minivans are the protagonist of the family-friendly vehicle segment. Coming with a lot of functional features, these cars are practical and offer a lot of space for both cargo and passengers.

While the title includes mini, they are spacious than a lot of body styles when it comes to seating capacity and cargo space.

Coming with sliding doors and rear hatch, they are tall and feature a boxy appearance. Minivans have seats in the back rows which can be

Some cargo vans are also similar to minivans. Both vehicles have a lot of similar features. The only difference is usage. Since the commercial vans are designed to haul maximum cargo, these come with generous cargo space. Moreover, the tyres of commercial vans are designed to endure heavy loads and to perform in tough conditions. Falken Linam Van01 offers awesome durability and performs in both dry and wet conditions.

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