Wyyggnb Laboratory Equipment Distillation Unit Set Laboratory Glassware Industrial Science Distiller Pure Dew Purification Making Essential Oils Alcohol Distilled Water Filter Chemical

Price: $40.33
(as of Jul 07,2022 08:05:24 UTC – Details)

Product description:

Product Name: Distiller

Distillation unit list:

Decanter 1

Alcohol lamp 1

Glass beaker 100Ml

Condenser tube 1

Glass dropper 1

Cotton core 10

Latex tube 1

Beaker brush 1

Note: For the safety of logistics and transportation, the product list does not include matches, please purchase it yourself.
♠Material: Glassware made of borosilicate glass with good transparency. Good electrical insulation.
♠Features: high-quality thick production, high temperature resistance, temperature up to 500 degrees, let you worry-free experiment.
♠Uses: Exquisite distillation DIY for professional distillation, fractionation, separation, purification and synthesis.
♠Safety: The coefficient of thermal expansion of glass is very small, it has good stability.

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