Wireless Security Camera System, CKK 3MP HD 8CH NVR System with 1TB Hard Drive, 4Pcs 3MP WiFi Surveillance Cameras with 2 Way Audio, Color Night Vision, AI Human Detection,Floodlights

Price: $235.99
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Product Description

3MP Wireless security camera system3MP Wireless security camera system

The Remote APP is “CKK”/ “Eseecloud” (Available for IOS&Android)

AI human detectionAI human detection

Common main problems of CKK security camera system

Q: Can the CKK wireless security camera system be used without connecting any power cords?

A: Wireless ≠ no power cord required. The wireless camera system means that the camera and the video recorder do not need to be connected via a power cord. But it does not mean that the product does not need to be connected to a power cord. Cameras and video recorders still need to be connected to a power source to be used.

Q: Is the alarm of the CKK wireless security camera system accurate?

A: Our camera has AI human body detection function. Compared with motion detection, this security system has a higher detection accuracy. If you need a high alarm accuracy, you can purchase special alarm equipment.

Q: I want to extend the cable between the camera and the power adapter. How many power extension cords are there?

A: You can search for related products on Amazon, ASIN: B0925Z9R4J (3 m), ASIN: B0915LMMSW (10 m).

Q:The NVR has already installed the hard disk, so there is no need to install the memory card in the camera?

A: You can choose to install a memory card. If the NVR is stolen, the memory card still saves the video multiple times.

Q: The CKK security camera system is a PTZ camera, Can only it be panned and tilted, but can’t zoom?

A: Our camera is not a zoom lens (optical zoom), it is a fixed lens (digital zoom).

Q: Does the CKK camera security system app have advertisements?

A: You can use two apps, “EseeCloud” and “CKK”. None of them will have advertisements. Recommend to use “CKK” APP. You can search and download in google play or APP store.

Q: The CKK security cameras wireless outdoor cannot track automatically

A: Our camera is an economical PTZ camera, which can only be controlled manually and does not support automatic tracking of moving objects.

Q: This CKK wireless cameras for home security how to make Floodlight work at night?

A: This function is turned on by default, and the white light will turn on when the alarm is triggered at night. If you want to turn off this function: move the mouse to this camera, click the left button of the mouse, a pop-up menu, click the Light icon, enter the setting light mode interface, and select “infrared” for Ircut mode

Q: How to use the audible alarm ?

A: This function is turned off by default, and you can turn it on if you need it: Click system setup—channel setup—video detection on the NVR, select the channel that needs to be set, and check the “IPC siren” option. When the camera detects an alarm, it will sound an alarm.

Q: Can the CKK security camera system set the camera to automatically cruise?

A: You can set the camera to automatically cruise.

(1) Move the mouse to the camera, click the left mouse button, a shortcut menu will pop up at the bottom of the channel, click the “”PTZ”” icon to set Preset

(2) Click system setup—channel setup—PTZ setup to set Tour position

(3) Return to the interface of step (1), click “”Tour start””, and the camera will rotate according to the set trajectory.

NOTE: It will stop automatically after 4 hours”

1tb hard drive1tb hard drive

2 way audio2 way audio







Wireless & Wired Connection

Wireless Connection:

Just plug IP cameras, NVR, Router in the nearby outlets, the smooth video will show up. No need wires anymore, no exposed lines anymore.

Stable Wired connection:

The wifi cameras could be hardwired if they are far away from the NVR base by the network cables.

IP66 Weatherproof- Your Eyes outdoor

The CKK IP cameras are rated as dust-tight and waterproof and cover with durable housing. Not afraid to brave the snow, rain, or heat.

IP cameras’ operating temperature can be ranged from -50°C to 50°C

Auto-pair – Actual Plug N Play

All the cameras have been pre-matched to the NVR before shipping. Just connect the NVR and IP cameras with power Supply, the video will show up.

Wireless Camera is different from Wire-free camera, the power cable is still required to get electricity for 24/7 surveillance purposes.

Camera Connection Media
2.4GHz Wireless Signal / 2.4GHz Wireless Signal /

Image Resolution

3MP 8CH / 5MP 8CH /

IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66

2-Way Audio 2-Way Audio 2-Way Audio 2-Way Audio

Night Vision
Colorful/ Black&White Colorful/ Black&White Black&White Black&White

AI Human Detection


Floodlights Alarms


Siren Alarm


Video Output

【AI Human Detection with Smart Siren】CKK AI wifi security camera detect human movement, send alerts to you when human body and shoulder show up in camera coverage, won’t be triggered by small leaves, airflow, small animals, reduce your 90% false alarms! When human body detected, camera itself makes very loud siren alarm to prevent crimes before happens. But please kindly note that it couldn’t avoid 100% false alarms.
【Wide-view 3MP HD Video Day & Night 】Adopted 3.0MP high-tech lens, our home security camera presents 2048*1536 Mega Pixels super high definition frames, it come with bonus feature that offers 100 degree wide-view angle, covering more area with one camera. CKK wificamera with infrared night vision captures sharp black & white image at night, visible distance up to 100ft! Picture will be colorful when floodlight on, watch over your entire property day and night.
【Pre-installed 1TB Hard Drive】1TB Included in CKK wifi security camera system support 24 hours More than 45 days reliable video recording. The video encoding standard is h265, which effectively controls the video stream and reduces the video bit rate. Compared with h264, it can bring a smoother viewing experience and save more than half of the hard drive space.
【2-Way Audio & Remote View from Anywhere】CKK wireless security camera built-in noise-reduction microphone and speakers, save suspecious activities recording with sounds as evidence. The floodlight security camera also allows you remotely talk with people on camera scenes such as warn the intruders, answer the deliveryman from anywhere anytime via “Eseecloud” free App on ios/Android devices, you can watch live view and playback recording on PC software as well.
【Warranty】We offer 1-Year warranty for any defective parts, 45 Days Free Return and Lifetime Tech-support ! Hope you enjoy this wireless system. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

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