WildAuto Car Detailing Clay Bar 2PCS 100g Auto Magic Clay Bar Cleaner for Car Wash

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Product Description

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car claycar clay

WildAuto Car Clay Bar for Cleaning Cars, SUV and Bus, 100gx2

Clay bar can be used to remove overspray, iron powder, oxide layer, rusty spots, hubstain, insect body and hard water deposits etc on item to refresh shine.Will let your paint surface shine like a mirror, and your car will glow. The old or used car beautician, the car lover’s first choice.Car Detailing Clay – perfect choice for your car cleaning

Package Include:

2 pcs 100g clay bar

Clay BarClay Bar

Steps to use:

Remove coarse dirt before using the car clay barRemove coarse dirt before using the car clay bar.lay bar dipped in water to wash..

Clay BarClay Bar

3. Stretch and refold to expose a new clean side and continue cleaning, with dirty clay bar parts pinched in the middle when the bar becomes dirty.

4. Wipe the surface with clean microfiber towel. After wiping, rinse the car.


Small grains must be removed to avoid scratching the paint when using clay.When using in winter or cold, please make sure that the car clay is soft, otherwise it will scratch the surface.Needed to rinse or knead dirtiness when the car clay bar gets dirty, then continue to use.After use, dry it naturally and wrap them in clean plastic wrap or plastic bags.If you accidentally drop it on the floor while using, cutting the dusty part with a knife.

Clay BarClay Bar

❤ Extensibility and Flexibility – WildAuto Magic clean clay bar is made of microfiber, strong solid gelatin, containing many small Stomata. It can be kneaded into different shapes but not loose
❤ Soft & Smooth – It won’t hurt car paint. effectively cleans and absorbs dirt deep in the Lacquer surface; it fits for different surfaces such as lacquer, glass and chrome plated surface.
❤ Versatile Usage – Each clay stick weighs 100 grams (2 packs). Applicable to the cleaning of various vehicles, windows, floors, mirrors, etc.
❤ Reusable – After use, dry it naturally and wrap them in clean plastic wrap or plastic bags. Next time, you can continue to reuse them. But do not drop on the ground to be stained with dust.
❤ Note: As the temperature drops, the clay bar will harden. Please use warm water to soften the clay bar before use. ❤ Before use the clean clay, clean all the Sand and dust with bleach, and watering while wiping the car body.

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