An ornament is a compliment to someone’s beauty. Wearing jewellery of expensive metals and stones is a centuries old custom in almost every community. For special occasions, people prefer diamonds, gold and platinum in their jewellery selection. However some ornaments are meant to be worn everyday. They should be feasible according to the regular use. For instance, a bracelet or ring for regular hair needs to be practically viable. If you want to gift someone an everlasting and memorable piece of jewelry, find something from the regular wear ornaments. If she is your daughter, sister or girlfriend, give her a silver bangle bracelet. Bracelets are among the evergreen jewellery items and available in countless attractive designs. There are some significant reasons to prefer them in silver metal. Scroll down to know more.


Major reasons to prefer silver bracelet

1. Natural long lasting shine

Silver is among the list of semi precious metals but better than other options in this category. As compared to brass, and bronze, its shine remains more consistent. Elegantly crafted silver ornaments give a premium look like white gold and platinum. If you want better shine than traditional silver ornaments, go with the option of sterling silver. 

2. Skin friendly

Silver is a hypoallergenic element that suits almost every skin. On the other hand, brass, nickel and other metals in this category cause several allergic reactions. Whether it is a set of earrings or silver bangle bracelets, you will never feel irritation or inflammation even after wearing 24X7 at home or workplace. 

3. Easy to maintain

Regular wear ornaments usually lose their shine because of oxidation, dust and dirt. It also happens with silver but you can easily clean without requiring any special solution. In normal circumstances, your skin oil automatically cleans silver ornaments. If they are more dirty, citric juice of lemon can easily serve the purpose without causing any damage. 

4. Durable

When we talk about a silver bracelet for women to wear everyday, don’t forget its durability. Silver metal is durable enough to survive casual wear and tear. Sterling silver is even more durable than normal silver and it also complements a wrist in the best possible way.

5. Customisable according to trends

Along with durability, silver is also a malleable and ductile metal. This metal is easily customisable into new jewelry articles. If you have a couple of silver jewelry items lying in the closet worthlessly, utilize them. You just have to pay the making charges for getting silver bangle bracelets in modern design. 

While buying silver ornaments for regular wear purposes, make sure that they have a sleek and smooth design. Sharp edges can excess of embellishment work can cause damage to cloth fabrics and other soft objects. If there is electroplating with expensive metals like platinum or white gold, don’t forget to ask for its warranty. It would be great if you manage to find a jeweller providing the option of engraving personalized quotes. 


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