Why should you Use Upholstery Stapler?

Working with upholstery is a pretty challenging task as you have to struggle for not having the right tools. If you have the right staple gun then it would have made your tasks much easier but if you are having a subpar product then it is going to make your task lot more frustrating then you imagine. But if you are engaged in woodworking related tasks then you should have this Upholstery stapler actually if you are a beginner and not have the experienced of woodworking related tasks before then this upholstery staple gun will become the most useful tool for you.

Types of Upholstery Stapler

You will find three types of upholstery staplers they are manual, electric, and pneumatic upholstery stapler.

Manual Upholstery stapler

Manual upholstery stapler is the most common type of upholstery stapler and it is the most affordable stapler than both electric stapler and a pneumatic stapler. This manual stapler has come with an elasticity and spring mechanism that are the really key components for it to function but it means you are going to exert more strength than the other stapler. If you work with this manual upholstery stapler for a long period of time then the palms of your hand is going to give you a feel of both discomfort and pressure.

Electric Upholstery stapler

If you are going to use an electric upholstery stapler then you are not going to strain yourself by using it. This particular stapler works on a battery and gets power from the main grid. Just like a drill, this particular stapler has a trigger that you can pull to activate it. But electric stapler will ruin few staples more than the manual stapler. The bigger advantage of using this electric stapler over a manual stapler is it will help you in producing more staples. These electric upholstery stapler is more stronger and will help you to hold it for a longer period of time.

Pneumatic Upholstery stapler

pneumatic upholstery stapler is mostly suitable for professional contractors. The person who wants a great heavy-duty stapler for them pneumatic stapler will be the ideal choice. If you want to do a lot of stapling related tasks then this stapler will be the perfect choice for you. This pneumatic stapler will be the perfect choice for bigger projects because it has the ability to cover the large area just as it is the quickest among three staplers. This particular stapler has a good nose which will help you to reach the corner and the most important factor about this stapler is it uses different types of staples or nails. It requires not so much maintenance like an electric stapler but it is a durable stapler which I think every person wants. The bad thing is the cost of this stapler is on the higher side its cost is higher than an electric stapler and it will create more noise than the other stapler but it will last long than the other stapler.

Buyers Guide Of Upholstery Stapler

Durability – You should always select a stapler that has the ability to take lots of punishment especially when you are going to work with this stapler for a whole day on bigger projects.

Staples – There are two aspects of staples that are really important at first you have to decide how many staples a gun can hold and how quickly it can fire. If you are going to work on a bigger project then you need a magazine that will help you to hold many staples. So that you do not have to reload often you will find a lot of staples in your nail gun or stapler.

Operating function

Your setting will help you to judge whether you are going to use a manual gun or if you are going to need an air compressor for pneumatic guns. The best thing is you can also have a battery-operated electric stapler. Now you should think about which one will be the perfect choice for your task.


If you read this article carefully then I think you should have understood each and every single thing about the Upholstery stapler.  Carefully read our buyers guide before selecting an upholstery stapler for you so that you do not regret after taking an upholstery stapler for you.

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