Why Should Businesses Use Screen Recorder App?

There is a misinterpretation that business owners install the surveillance software on their staff members’ computers and smartphones only when they don’t trust them. However, there are various other causes of monitoring the digital actions of your employees during work hours.

It’s difficult for bosses to keep a check on their team members 24/7 because they have to handle many other important things as well. Therefore, they prefer using TheOneSpy screen recorder app that helps them capture and see what their workers are doing on the company-owned systems in their absence.

It empowers them to check social media usage, sent and received electronic mails, SMS messages, web browsing history, saved documents, instant messengers, and many other things. When they make calls, send messages, or receive emails, the software sends the same details to you instantly. It enables you to assess their performance. However, before spying on them, make sure to inform them that you want to monitor their activities.

How Does The Screen Recorder app Work?

The app permits you to send a command to the monitored device and make a secret recording of every single thing running on a digital device. It means that regardless of what the targeted person is doing on his device, the app will record all his activities in real-time in the form of short video clips or screenshots.

The finest thing about it is that you can set timings of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 1 minute. After setting your desired timing, you can send the command to the targeted system. When the device will receive the command, it will begin recording the screen immediately. Then, you can view all the actions executed by the targeted person. You can record every single activity of Android, MAC, and Windows devices.

How to Use the Screen Recording app?

Initially, you have to choose spyware, subscribe for it, download it, and then deploy it on the targeted system by getting physical access to it. Keep in mind that physical access is crucial otherwise; you won’t be able to install the surveillance tool on the smartphone.

After installation, ingress your control panel by using your email and password. Activate the spyware and then, go to the features to enable the screen recorder app. Now, you are free to send as many commands as you want to the monitored computer or smartphone.

Once it will receive the request, it will start capturing the screen and shoot videos of 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 1 minute. In this way; you will have in-depth information about what’s happening on the tracked cell phone or laptop.

Inspiring Reasons to Deploy Screen Recorder app on Your Workers’ Devices

Improve their performance

Staff members play a noteworthy role in the success of an organization. It is crucial to admit that they are the backbone and driving force behind a business. You can’t run your company without their support. Therefore, if you are concerned about their poor performance and want to know what they do on the corporation’s devices when you are away, then you should rely on the screen recorder app.

When they will be aware that their activities are being supervised, they will never waste valuable time on unproductive deeds. If you suspect that someone from your office leaks clients’ and consumers’ confidential information with a third-party, you can catch them red-handed.

Safeguard Your Company’s Assets

The most valuable thing for a business is its secret data in which documents, records, email contacts, phone numbers, and many other things are included. In this hi-tech age, if you will not supervise your team members, they can share it with your competitors to get some bucks.

Features of Screen Recorder Application

  • Record real-time screen actions of android, MAC, and Windows devices
  • Perform screen recorder of any computer or cell phone remotely
  • Watch all the screen recording short videos of the targeted device through your web portal
  • Spy on conversations, social media spy, keystrokes, emails, YouTube search and watch history, installed apps and programs, and much more


If your goal is to take your business to the new heights, then make sure to monitor your employees’ activities with a screen recorder app. It helps you prevent them from misusing the company-owned devices for their personal gains.

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