Why is car tracking necessary in Pakistan

Car Theft cases in Pakistan are growing day-by-day. With this growing number of unfortunate cases, people are worried about the safety of their cars. And nowadays it isn’t brilliant to park your car outside in the open at night.

And fortunately, In Pakistan, there are many Car Tracking Companies available that are willing to track and secure your car effectively. These Tracking Companies have their own ways of tracking vehicles. One such tracking company is Alpha Tracks. 

Since I have good experience with Alpha Tracks, I’ll use their tracking method for reference where necessary.

What Happens When A Car Gets Stolen?

Before moving any further, we must know what happens to a car when it gets stolen. The car thieves steal a car for some quick money. And their best shot is to sell it.

Since it is a stolen car, therefore they work cautiously when selling that car. So what they do is they sell a car part by part. That means that they will disassemble your car and sell it’s part to the spare parts shops.

A stolen car can also be smuggled outside the country if enough time is given to the thieves.  And if a car gets to the other side of the border, there is not much you could do.

Or if the one stealing the vehicles has good links with higher-class personals, then they can even transfer the stolen car in their own name legally. And they will become the rightful owner of the vehicle and free to sell it anytime.

And it is possible, hand the money to the right people and VIOLA! It’s done. In case you’re wondering.

What To Do If Your Car Is Stolen?

First of all, report to your nearest police station.

In the best-case scenario, the Traffic Control Office might have compensated the vehicle for wrongfully parking it in the No Parking Area. In such a case, you can easily get your vehicle back after paying the fine.

You may also send a text message to “8521” with the chassis number of your vehicle. This department is responsible for handling cases related to stolen cars. This text message states that “Stolen Vehicles Identification System” or “SVIS” will prevent your car from selling. It will inform all the related departments about the vehicle’s theft case.

What this will do is that it will reduce the chances of your vehicle getting sold. You can also read more about this procedure here.

How To Prevent Your Car From Getting Stolen?

THE BEST PREVENTION is to keep your car always under your notice. And the best way to that is to reach out to Car Tracking Companies. As mentioned before, I’ll tell you the tracking method used by Alpha Tracks because I have good experience with that company.

Alpha Tracks (Pvt) Lt.

Alpha Tracks provided me with a Mobile Phone Application to live track my vehicle on the map, with the options to Kill The Engine of the vehicle when deemed necessary. And also, obviously, there is an option to release the Vehicle if Killed.

The Services that Alpha Tracks offered were multiple Geofencing, and a separate phone call is done from Alpha Tracks to me to inform me that my vehicle is going out of the city(a city which I have chosen). And, of course, they don’t give any information about the vehicle to anyone unless they confirm the password set by the installer.

They give a phone call on Batter Tampering Alerts and Illegal Ignition. And all the calls regarding the vehicle are done 24/7. And all these features are given to me on a Premium Plan Package. You can also check the Packages from here.

What is Battery Tamper Alert?

If someone does anything with the car’s battery terminal, Then I will receive a Phone Call to warn and notify me.

What is Illegal Ignition?

In case I’ve had my car’s Engine Killed, and when someone tries to start the car by keys or by directing the wires, I will get a Phone Call to alert me about that scenario.

Furthermore, I also get a text message on Engine On, Engine Off with location and milage of drive when the engine is turned off, on overspeeding, and so on.

With all these features in hand, it becomes relatively easy to track my car without having it on my site. I can Kill Engine with the tip of my finger.

And with all these features, It becomes easy to locate your vehicle if stolen.


Vehicles are getting stolen in Pakistan every day. Using Car Tracker Services for your car is now more important than ever, especially if you own a Toyota Corolla or Suzuki Mehran because these cars have the most theft cases.

I hope this article is helpful to everyone. THANKS.




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