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People all across the globe are extremely fond of Persian carpets. Persian carpets are known for their exquisite designs and softness. As Persian carpets are very expensive It is vital to take complete care of them. You must get them cleaned periodically so that there is no dust or mite accumulation. Avoid keeping any sharp or pointed things on your carpet otherwise, that area will have marks. For maintenance, you must vacuum clean your Persian carpets every now and then.


Mentioned below are some reasons why Persian carpets are so popular:

  1. Available in Beautiful Designs–  The designs available in Persian carpets are just amazing.  These carpets are made in Iran and the colors and patterns that you will see in Persian carpets you will not find in any other kind of carpets. They lift any place where they are put.
  2. Symbol of Affluence– Only a person that has huge sums of money can afford a Persian carpet. These carpets show power and wealth. So, if you want to demonstrate your strength and status you can do the same by buying a Persian carpet. Persian carpets are very artistic and so if you have a love for finer things in life it is something that you should go in for one without any second thoughts
  3. Soft To Touch-Persian carpets are soft to touch. As these are handwoven each carpet has a personal touch. There can be some similarities in patterns and colors but this lends these rugs a distinctive feel. Persian rugs can be made from silk yarn, wool, or even cotton. Just pay heed to what kind of thread is used to make the Persian rug.
  4. Finishing Touches to Your Home– Your home cannot look complete without a Persian carpet. It lends finishing touches to your home and makes it look brilliant. No other accessory adds so much beauty as a Persian rug, so it makes sense that you must invest in one. Also, the resale value of a Persian rug is very high. You might even get a higher price for a vintage piece than what you paid to buy it. So, from an investment point of view also a Persian rug is worth spending your money on.
  5. Customized– Persian carpets can be customized as per your need and requirement. You can even get tribal designs if you want. Even the size can be customized according to the specification and needs of the client. However, if you go for customization, there is a price increase.

So, these are some of the reasons why Persian carpets are so popular. Always hire a professional cleaner to clean your Persian rugs. Take the help of friends as well as family for some nice suggestions. You must, read testimonials of people that have used Persian carpets to get an idea of some authentic vendors. Pay heed to maintenance tips and your Persian carpet will stay new and intact for a long time.

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