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How to Get the Best White Gaming Monitors

White gaming monitors currently command a huge appeal amongst computing enthusiasts. Most gamers prefer white monitors to provide a decorative appeal. Others prefer white monitors due to their exceptional spec sheet.

No matter what catches your eye in a white gaming monitor, there’s one part you can’t overlook – the right choice. If you’re keen on making a quick choice, this piece provides seven perfect choices for you.

With access to these white gaming monitors, you can comfortably achieve a chic look for your décor and unrivaled gaming.

Best Editor Pick


With an industry-standard 1440p resolution, getting crisp, clear images becomes a sure thing. Also, this monitor comes with an impressive 27” panel to deliver an outstanding view.

Its 1800R curvature and 16:9 cinema-mimic aspect ratio deliver better angles for unrivaled gaming support.

There’re so many eye-popping specs from this display, and that’s why it’s a perfect choice for any gamer.

Comparison Chart

MonitorDisplay SizeResolutionRefresh RateRatings
1Viotek GN34CW 34-Inch34”1440p100Hz4.3/5
2Samsung 32 inch CF39132”1080p60Hz4.4/5
3VIOTEK GN27DW 2727”1440p144Hz4.3/5
4Acer Gaming Monitor 23.623.6”1080p75Hz4.3/5
5HP Pavilion 27xw 2727”1080p60Hz4.7/5
6Asus VZ239H-W 2323”1080p60Hz4.5/5
7Samsung 32in Full HD32”1080p60Hz4.5/5

Top 7 White Monitors for Gaming

Viotek GN34CW 34-Inch – Best Large-Screen, White Curved Gaming Monitor

With a major focus on leading specs, this Viotek is a brilliant choice for seamless gaming potential.

With a massive 34” panel, this monitor provides a wide field of view for several gaming needs. Getting a better look at scenes in your favorite titles doesn’t come any better.

Also, it comes with a 1800R curvature on its monitor. The curve from this monitor guarantees lesser eye strain and a better chance of immersion.

And with its QHD, 3440 X 1440p picture quality, enhanced image quality is a sure thing. All these wowing features come in a 21:9 cinema screen mimic aspect ratio.

The backlit LED panel on this monitor assures a significant view enhancement for better picture quality.

It also comes with more than sixteen million color combinations to guarantee fantastic hue rendering.

You can comfortably adjust the angle on this monitor to suit your viewing needs too. And there’s a greater chance of getting smoother frames with this display’s swift response rate.

When you’re keen on the best 144Hz monitor for gaming, this should be what you’re looking for!


  • Comes with a monitor stand to ease placement potential
  • VESA mount-compliant suitable for innovative décor support
  • Power-saving construction to deliver better energy efficiency
  • Superb hue rendering potential for smarter colors across scenes
  • Sleek design and eye-catching white bezel for fantastic décor effect


  • Doesn’t support the highest resolution out there
  • A bit expensive

Samsung 32 inch CF391 – Best White Monitor Screen for Immersive Gaming 

When it comes to assuring excellent immersion, this is a monitor you’ve got to check out.

AMD FreeSync on this monitor provides a significant boost towards assuring increased frame rates.

It also comes with an impressive 1080p resolution for enhanced picture quality. With its 1800R curvature screen, maxing out viewing ease becomes a sure thing.

And with its 5000:1 contrast ratio, getting brighter colors and darker blacks become easier to achieve.

A free stand on this monitor guarantees comfier placement potential right out-the-box.

Also, it comes with a mount-supporting build to assure better positioning for superb decoration ideas.

The curvature and overall quality from this monitor make it an excellent choice you can’t afford to overlook.


  • Comes with a monitor stand to ease placement potential
  • VESA mount-compliant suitable for innovative décor support
  • Power-saving construction to deliver better energy efficiency
  • Superb hue rendering potential for smarter colors across scenes
  • Sleek design and eye-catching white bezel for fantastic décor effect


  • Doesn’t support the highest resolution out there
  • A bit expensive

VIOTEK GN27DW 27 – Top White Gaming Monitor 144Hz Refresh Rate

So many outstanding features from this 27” monitor make it a brilliant choice for seamless gaming.

The 144Hz refresh rate on this monitor ensures smoother frame rendering across several titles. And with its 1440p resolution, image clarity from this monitor is industry-standard.

Also, it comes with an impressive 178-degree viewing angle with its 1800R curvature panel. You’re sure to fancy the 75 X 75mm VESA mount compatibility this monitor provides.

HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 ports also come with this monitor to guarantee significant support for smoother console connectivity.

The backlit LED panel on this monitor is a sure aid to immersive gamers. Getting an excellent view through your favorite titles doesn’t come any easier.

Significant speaker support is a sure thing from this monitor. With two 4Ω speakers emitting 3W each, you can comfortably get audio without hassle.

With a lot of eye-popping features from this monitor, it becomes easier to max out your gaming comfort!


  • Comes with an impressive refresh rate for smoother image rendering potential
  • Supports a wide range of colors for enhanced color representation support
  • High contrast ratio guarantees brighter colors and deeper dark scenes
  • Sleek design for better decorative effect
  • Has great speaker quality to guarantee as-is use


  • Doesn’t come with the steepest curvature radius
  • Isn’t the widest when it comes to panel dimensions

Acer Gaming Monitor 23.6 – Quality White Curved Monitor for Gaming and General Computing

Monitors for gaming cheap don’t come much better than this Acer. Check out its other features to make sure you’re getting an excellent buy.

With a 1080p res support from this monitor, it becomes easier to get a clear view of your favorite titles.

Also, it comes with AMD FreeSync to facilitate smoother frames for seamless gaming potential.

The curved panel on this monitor is truly breathtaking. And it also comes with some exceptional hue rendering support through its VA panel.

Everything from this monitor assures a better, more reliable viewing experience every time! It would make a great choice for comfortable gaming.


  • Sells at an affordable price to guarantee budget gaming and computing
  • Supports AMD FreeSync to promote refresh rates and neat rendering potential
  • Dual interface boosts connectivity potential
  • VESA compatibility makes fitting this monitor a lot easier
  • Comes with an excellent response time for smoother frame rendering ease


  • Doesn’t have the best refresh rate out there
  • There’s no support for QHD res images

HP Pavilion 27xw 27 – Best White Computer Monitor with Ultra-Wide Angle

A massive angle from this monitor and other eye-popping specs make it one choice you need to carefully check out.

1080p resolution from this monitor makes it a perfect choice for better viewing comfort. And with its 16:9 aspect ratio, you’re sure of better frames with no lost angles.

The IPS panel from this monitor also guarantees sleeker images and better colors. You’re also sure of hitch-free frames with this monitor’s 8-millisecond response time.

The wide viewing angle from this monitor limits eye strain and provides better game navigation. And it also comes with some of the best connectivity options on any gaming monitor.

When you’re keen on an enhanced field of view, this monitor is a brilliant choice you need to check out.


  • Sells at an affordable price
  • Supports millions of colors for better hue rendering potential
  • Comes with brilliant brightness support for significant viewing ease
  • Has full support for high-res images
  • Ships with a twelve-month warranty and impressive round-the-clock customer service


  • Isn’t the best when it comes to standard response times
  • Doesn’t offer support for Quantum HD resolution

Asus VZ239H-W 23 – Quality Cheap Monitor for Gaming

With a cache of mind-boggling specs from this monitor, getting an excellent view becomes surer than ever.

IPS panels provide better hue-rendering potential, and that’s what this monitor comes with. You can be sure of brighter colors and deeper blacks due to this spec.

The 1080p res from this monitor guarantees full support for captivating images. Also, it comes with a VGA and HDMI interface that assures better connectivity potential without hassle.

With Asus Eye Care technology, you can be sure of no glare effect from using this monitor. Its sleek panel makes the most of your viewing experience and minimizes eye strain.

Also, this monitor comes with an impressive view angle. With this superb view, angle comes an opportunity for clear cross-room gaming.

Making this monitor your choice could be an excellent idea. It comes with the right specs you need for outstanding gaming potential.


  • Generous three-year warranty cover for significant value for money
  • Comes with a sleek, ultra-slim design to guarantee better placement potential
  • White bezel delivers an outstanding décor effect for your game toom
  • Ships with a stand to enhance out-the-box usage potential
  • Supports an impressive viewing angle that delivers similar images across your game room


  • Doesn’t come with a wider screen
  • Isn’t the best when it comes to refresh rates.

Samsung 32in Full HD – Best Wide-View, FreeSync Curved Gaming Monitor     

If you’re keen on an excellent gaming monitor for increased immersion, this Samsung should be high up your options.

1080p resolution on this monitor promotes better images to aid fantastic gaming without hitches. And with its 3000:1 contrast ratio, bright/dark colors will appear more real than ever.

With the 1800R curvature from this monitor, you are also guaranteed minimal eye strain and better angles. All these wonderful specs get compliments from the 16:9 aspect ratio and 4ms response time.

Minimizing eye problems becomes easier with the Eye-Saver technology this monitor comes with.

Also, it comes with FreeSync and Magic Bright technology for better image rendering potential.

The excellent specs from this monitor make it an excellent choice for outstanding gaming potential. A clearer view of unrivaled gaming ease doesn’t come better than this.


  • Eye-Saver technology prevents against viewing problems related to long-term monitor use
  • Massive color ratio promotes gaming potential from several angles
  • Curve delivers a better field of view and minimizes eye strain
  • Sells at a competitive rate
  • Comes with a 90-day refund/replacement window


  • Doesn’t offer the highest refresh rates among white gaming monitors
  • Isn’t the best when it comes to refresh rates


Are curved monitors worth it?

Curved monitors provide a better curvature than regular monitors. These displays are worth it based on the immersion-encouraging features they possess.

Are curved monitors better for gaming?

Gaming with an enhanced field of view is possible through a curved monitor. With greater immersion assured, curved monitors are better for gaming and general computing.

Are gaming monitors worth it?

Monitors designed for gaming are worth it due to their enhanced refresh rates and resolution. Playing challenging games and future-proofing is also easier with the right gaming monitor.

What monitor size is great for gaming?

Displays with panels from 24 inches are great for gaming. But most gaming enthusiasts opt for 27-inch monitors more often.

Is 4ms good for gaming?

4ms response time is great for gaming. Several demanding graphics will get smooth rendering on your screen through this feature. Faster refresh rates like 2ms and 1ms are also available in some high-end TVs too.

Can HDMI run 144Hz?

Yes, most HDMI ports can run 144Hz rates from consoles and CPUs without any issues.

What does R in 1800R mean?

R means radius. There are several dimensions for measuring the monitors’ curve. The usual measurements come in 4000R, 3000R, 1800R, and 1500R. Reductions in dimensions mean a larger field of view through a tighter curve.

Final Word

Selecting the best white gaming monitor for your immersion needs doesn’t come any easier. With the impressive collection this guide provides, it becomes comfier to make perfect choices in record time.

And with the questions this guide answers, making the most of your gaming is surer than ever!

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