Most people are well-versed with the term wheel alignment, but there are still many who aren’t. Many drivers do not know about the importance of wheel alignment. There is a lot of information by which you can get a complete understanding of what Dunlop Tyres Wolverhampton wheel alignment is and why it is necessary. You’ll find many ways which will indicate misaligned wheels. The most common one is when you have to keep your steering wheel a little turned to move straight ahead. 

Another clue you can get is when you feel wobbling in your steering wheel as you drive your vehicle. These were the two major clues you can get. Now, coming to the smaller and less noticeable clues, you may or may not notice the slight or uneven wear or little fuel consumption. These are a few important signs you should not ignore or neglect, as ignoring such signs can get you into serious trouble. 

Hence, ensure proper wheel alignment to have a safe and secure journey. Poor alignment can result in loss of control and handling of your vehicle. So, to sum up, wheel alignment is an act of rightly fixing the direction and overall condition of the wheels by fixing their position so that they are all facing in one direction and are flat on the path.

PROS- 1. Minimise tyre wear- wheels that are misaligned leads to uneven tread wear. Also, when there’s an issue with the camber, it causes the tyres to wear out unevenly to one side of the tread. This is no issue to be ignored if it’s left neglected then, you will have to get your tyres replaced in no time. The life of your tyres ends there itself. Your tyres will not even stay with you half the time.

  1. Improved handling- a vehicle with proper wheel alignment will be easy to drive and handle. If you experience your wheels pulling to one side and are shaking, it’s not only annoying but disturbing as well. Uneven tread wear also implies loss of control and poor vehicle performance.
  2. Improved gas mileage- the worst enemy of your vehicle is friction. If a vast amount of friction is created while your car is moving, then your engine will require to work harder to keep your vehicle moving. In this case, if your tyres have a toe problem in or out, then it’ll be easier to lose efficiency with tyres that are not aligned properly. Less fuel consumption will result in saved money.
  3. Safe and secure drive- misaligned wheels results in an excess burden on the suspension parts like struts and shocks. The issue with your car suspension can be found out during the checking of the wheel alignment. This is important to have a safe and secure ride. Safety and Security are the topmost priority of any individual.


It is a process of adjusting the wheel assembly weight so that the movement of your vehicle is smooth and stable at high velocities. The blend of the wheel and tyre matched on the axel with the assistance of lug nuts has to be balanced precisely. Still, the assembly is not entirely fruitful and has some defects, and these defects are solved by wheel balancing. You’ll find many clues of imbalanced wheels.

Firstly, if you feel vibrations in your vehicle, then it implies that your tyres are unbalanced. These vibrations and tremors can put you in a situation where you may feel sick or nauseous. Secondly, and a very significant clue, is when your tyres face the problem of uneven wear and tear, then your tyres are certainly unbalanced. And thirdly, when the steering of your vehicle is completely disturbed when you notice that your vehicle is going to one side even if you are moving it to the other side, then it indicates that your steering is not in a good condition.

PROS- 1. Increased durability of your wheels- unbalanced tyres are deceitful as they can lead you to a path that can be quite dangerous. It leads you to uncertain situations where you may meet unfortunate accidents. Moreover, it leads to the wearing of tread, resulting in a decreased life span of your tyres. Also, to keep your tyres well maintained after getting them balanced, you should get them rotated periodically to increase their lifespan.

  1. Improved road safety- the safety of you and your vehicle falls to a great level when your tyres are not balanced properly. Proper wheel balancing is a lifesaver that helps in balancing the weight between the tyres and the wheels, i.e. throughout the wheel assembly.
  2. Improved fuel efficiency- with unbalanced wheels, you’ll notice that the fuel consumption of your vehicle is high, as the engine of your vehicle requires extra energy for your vehicle to move. However, the efficiency of your vehicle increases when your wheels are appropriately balanced. This helps your Car Tyres Wolverhampton to move smoothly and safely, also saving you a lot of money that you may spend on fuel issues.

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