There was little doubt about the role and success of e-commerce in the life of an average human. However, the past few months have taken those to another level and raised the prediction into absolute surety. We are officially living in the age of eCommerce. While some were forced into making this move, others have always preferred the aspects of shopping from their couch.

However, applications that cater these to the audience are not made overnight. Moreover, each eCommerce app you look at presents a different or unique trait from the other. That is why, not only success remains constant, but also the requirement of keep on changing over time. However, those are the things to discuss on a more intricate level. Today, we are going to look at the types and then the features of successful eCommerce applications. Therefore, let us begin.


There are various types of eCommerce applications. While you may think that the kinds you go to buy things is the one and the only type, there are many different types. Each of these types has a different method of implication and they provide different options from one another.


The most visited and most used type of applications in the eCommerce class. This type of application is exactly what it says it is. An E-Store that helps people get what they want, except they do not have to walk or drive down to the store. This one provides categories, shipping methods and many other options. It may also provide various sellers if it is not one brand-centric. However, the primary thing it does is saves the hassle of an app user to go to the store to buy from a brand.

Classified Ads

Perhaps the first eCommerce applications that came into being, the classified ads type.  But if you want to make an app like OLX, then you should be studying this type. Not only because Olx falls into this category, but also because classified ad applications have a large market. Therefore, if your wish is to cater to a large audience, then this can help you connect your target audience with each other.


You may have heard of many wholesalers online. However, two of the most famous are and Amazon. While Amazon sells products individually, Alibaba is perhaps the largest wholesaler around the globe. These are the type of apps that provide users with the ability to connect with wholesalers and vice versa. For start-up businesses, this is the ideal type to use. However, making these apps is no easy task as they require a lot more intricacies than usual eCommerce apps.

Brand\Factory Outlets

Perhaps the most simple types of eCommerce applications are these. They simply provide a brand or company with a viable profile and platform in the mobile application world. Therefore, if you or your client wishes for an app, this is the type you go for.

What You Need

Now let us discuss what you need in order to make such an app.


You have to plan an application much like any other tech-related development projects. This will help you keep your head straight and follow the process. It will also help you find out any unique traits or features that you might be able to offer. Get creative, but follow the principles.


Choose a design that is not only easy on the eyes but also easy to use. Anything far too intricate or far too simple will tip the scales out of balance. You do not only need to make sure the design is attractive, but also make sure the features are not too over the top and simple to use. Therefore, you should go for something right in the middle.


If you offer any unique traits in your application, then not only do you increase the chances of it going viral, but also the growth of preference among people. Test your application thoroughly and make something that runs smoothly with a variety of features.


Making the application is not just it. You should not think that once you make an app, it will go on forever, There are a variety of elements that ensure the upkeep of a viable and all-round application. Specifically, in E-commerce, the priority should always be to ensure the management and upkeep of your app. Therefore, you should not only think of this in the planning phase but also keep it your focus after development.


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