Sleep is one of the ways your body recuperates. It affects your body’s metabolism and helps with your immune system. It’s also important for your mental wellbeing.

However, there may be nights that you find it difficult to get a good shut eye. When you wake up in the morning, you’re likely to feel unfocused, groggy, and less responsive. While you can get CBD oil from Felix & Company to improve your sleep, there are things you should also avoid to ensure you get a full sleep cycle.

1. Exercise at night

exercise at night

Exercise is good for your health. But, exercising before going to bed is something you don’t want to do if you’re looking forward to a good night’s rest. Exercising activates endorphins, which makes the body more excited. If you want a good night’s rest but still need to exercise, leave at least three hours between your workout and sleep.

2. Drinks with caffeine


Coffee, fizzy drinks, and other beverages containing caffeine should be off your nightly routines. Drinking fluids before going to bed may also disrupt your sleep cycle later on if you’re woken up by the need to go to the toilet.

3. Sweet foods

sweet foods

Too much sugar may lead to disrupted sleep or restlessness at night. It stimulates the brain, which is why you become more active when you’re eating sweets. More than that, it also causes cravings, and eating before going to bed can make you feel uncomfortable.

Let your body and mind rest at night. Follow the advice of experts to make sure you’re getting a full amount of sleep.

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