Printers have almost become an essential buy in recent times. However, buying ink cartridges for a printer is more difficult than buying the printer itself. If you have invested in Brother Printer recently, pretty soon, you will need to invest in brother cartridges online.

brother cartridges online

Ink cartridges are not only a considerable investment, but given the several types and options, it is surely not easy to make the right choice. If you are new to this market, this article is for you. Discussed here are the different types of ink cartridges available and the best for you, depending on your printer requirements, usage and type.

What Is The Difference Between Toner And Ink?

Before understanding which print cartridges suit your printer the best, you should know about the difference between a toner and ink.

Ink cartridges are mainly made for inkjet printers. Inkjet printers have powerful inkjets that spray the colour on a page. The cartridges mainly contain a quantity of coloured liquid or black ink. The ink is made up of an intricate blend of dyes and pigments that helps with retention and provides a more accurate colour.

On the other hand, toner cartridges are a complex dry powder that consists of microscopic plastic particles. Mainly used for laser printing, the powder is electronically heated, charged, and applied on paper by a rotating drum located inside the printer. When compared to inkjet printers, this is a faster and more efficient way of printing.

How to Choose the Right Kind of Cartridges?

Since Brother has a wide variety of printers available, you first have to figure which kind of brother cartridges online fits your requirements the best.

There are several kinds of cartridges you can buy online. Knowing the terms below can help you save some money and make the right decision.

OEM Cartridges:

Short for Original Equipment Manufacturer, these cartridges are produced by the printer manufacturer itself. Although a bit pricey, these cartridges will provide the best quality of print.

Compatible Cartridges:

Third-party companies produce these as an alternative to OEM cartridges. Although cheaper, it cannot compete with the rich quality of OEM cartridges. These are compatible with a range of printers, but the ink quality can vary depending on the manufacturing company.

Combination Ink Packs:

A relatively new development in the printing industry, combination ink packs are a reasonable way of buying two or more colour inks at the same time. Usually, these units contain both colour and black cartridges. It is the perfect choice for you if you have just bought a new printer. Even though a bit more on the expensive side, these are good value for money when compared to the cost of each cartridge.

With the recent development in the printing sector, inkjet printers and laser printer are almost the same. Both can now produce about 20 sheets per minute without hassle. So the efficiency of printing mainly comes down to the kind of cartridge you use.

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