The words Thesis and Research paper are used interchangeably by many as they do not know the exact difference between the two.  The academic world is full of challenges and whether you are planning to do a PhD or not then it is a must that you should first understand the difference the two. The common thread between the two is that both are academic documents and their structure is also very similar, apart from that there lies a vast difference between the two, some major and some small.

Commonly a thesis is a long academic writing that involves personal research and it helps you to gain a degree or diploma. On the other hand, Research paper is not treated as a separate subject but written as a part of the subject.  If we talk about the structure then both start with the introduction of the topic moving ahead with the review and methodology, analysis, and later joined by interpretations, findings, and conclusions. Let’s go in detail and discuss the major differences between the two to have an elaborate picture.

Steps of research paper writing

  • Your research question should include the main topic.
  • Create a research strategy from the beginning and be ready with your resources.
  •    Utilize valuable search methods.
  • Use simple language to write as it is easy to understand.
  • A research paper is a form of academic writing so informal communication should be avoided at every cost.

Steps of the thesis writing

  • Choose the latest topic that can get you a larger number of audiences
  • Try to select a topic of your interest as you will have good knowledge about it, and thus you can put extra input to it.
  • Research the topic well.
  • Be well aware of how to ask open-ended questions and avoid “high-risk” questions.
  • While writing a thesis if you look at your own publication, it will enliven you to work.

Some major differences between the thesis and the research paper

  1. Purpose:

The purpose of writing a thesis is totally different from that of writing a research paper as the former helps in getting a university degree to your name and adds to your qualification. Thus, it is not done on a small scale and all the proofs and data is gathered to support your findings. Looking at the other side the research paper is a part of the subject that is written to expand your knowledge or as a part of any assessment. As independent research is done to write the research paper the readers get to learn something new.

  1. Style:

The difference between the styles of writing lies in the fact that the thesis is done to acquire a degree thus, it is usually longer than a research paper. The research paper is not as long as a thesis as it is just a small part of it. Though it requires independent research it of it i is not that lengthy.

  1. Time taken:

The time taken in writing the thesis and the research paper is different. As the thesis is much longer and the purpose of it is much bigger thus, it takes a longer period to get completed. The research paper is not as lengthy as a thesis and is a part of the subject rather than being an independent subject so it takes much less time to get completed.

  1. Help Required:

The thesis is always written under the supervision of a supervisor as the university assigns the student with one. But when it comes to a research paper, no supervisor is assigned. In case you need help you can look for websites for assistance.

  1. Results:

After the submission of the thesis, the oral examination takes place then The thesis is considered to be completed. During the oral examination, you need to answer the questions of the examination board from your thesis. Both contents of the thesis and oral examination decide the final results. After all this, the research paper is considered to be completed after a plagiarism check is conducted.


The originality of the content plays an important part in both the research paper and thesis. The demand for originality in the thesis is much higher than that of the research papers. Thus, it becomes critical to choose a topic for the thesis that fulfills the expectation of originality in the field. It is also an important difference between Thesis and research paper that defines them.

All this defines the differences between thesis and research paper. Most of the people find it difficult to write an effective research paper or Thesis due to their complex nature and because they do not understand the major differences between the two and treat them as one.  If you facing difficulty in writing these then you can take help from thesis writing services who offer you great help in the completion of these.

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