A solar company is usually referred to as a manufacturer of all kinds of solar systems, accessories, and spare parts. A pv system supplier may be manufacturing solar systems but may also be sourcing the same from different factories to sell it to their customers. Again, the solar system supplier may sell a selection of systems of top quality from various manufacturers and provide customers with a complete range of choices. However, it is difficult for an independent supplier sourcing from other factories to sell products at factory prices after adding their overhead expenses.

In this context, some of the world’s top manufacturers like MIBET can sell their unique solar system at factory prices beating several international competitors. Again, this solar company manufactures its solar system and specializes in research and developing newer lightweight and highly efficient mounting systems for clients worldwide. If you wish to know more about each type of solar system, you can click here www.mbt-energy.com so that you can get the list of prices for every kind of product and make your selection accordingly.

Rooftop Mounting, Ground Mounting and Floating Solar Systems

There are several mounting system options for customers if they buy from MIBET. Rooftop mounting is the most common type, especially if it is flat. The next is the solar mounting system for angled rooftops or the tiled roof system. You also can get information about various types of mounting structures like Roof Mounted Racks, Ground-Mounted Racks, Top-of-Pole Mounted Racks, and Tracking System Mounted Racks.

If you are ordering from a supplier, you may need to give accurate measurements of the solar system. In such a case, you may have two options before you, and these are either you plan your roof structure according to the size of the solar panel, or you give the correct measurement if you need to retrofit the same into your fully constructed home. The above site is the leading solar racking supplier and hence can make use of satellite positioning measurements to get the most suitable model for your space.

On the other hand, if you have a good pond or large water body, you may utilize the same for a floating solar system stamping from MIBET. The new generation MRac Floating, PV Mounting System G4N of the company, is a unique model that is world-class and is very efficient at power generation.

MRac Floating Solar System

The MRac floating system has a definite edge over other similar systems, and MIBET owns the intellectual property rights. It is modular designed and has simple and convenient splice installation. It increases the volume of floater to add the buoyant force of floater, and the same is made out of high-density polyethylene materials and is exceptionally durable.

It has a strong ability to withstand any weather and is easy to operate and maintain. You can save your cost as it is compatible with various solar modules. It is noteworthy that this solar floating system maximizes the power generation efficiency like no other modules.

Above all, only a company like MIBET has the expertise to give guidance and not just any supplier.

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