what is amazon fire stick

What is Amazon Fire Stick Amazon firestick is one of Amazon’s best-selling devices? The success of this small device is determined by its high potential. In this guide, we will find out together what is Amazon Fire stick and how it works.

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What is Amazon Fire stick

what is amazon fire stick

  1. The Amazon Fire Stick device is a special device that allows you to easily turn your TV into a smart TV. To do this, simply connect your device to your TV, using a normal USB socket, or by taking advantage of the HDMI input that your TV is equipped with.
  2. The small size is another pro-product point: overall, Amazon’s Fire Stick is slightly larger than a classic USB stick. These make it even easier to adapt the device to the environment of your home, avoiding unnecessary clutter.
  3. The direct competitor is Google Chromecast, which we talked about in a specific guide. According to some, Amazon’s product would perform better than Google’s device, although this judgment is not shared by everyone.
  4. The device can be controlled through a specific Bluetooth remote control, which makes it even easier to control the new smart TVthat you can get by simply connecting the Amazon Fire Stick to the TV.

How Amazon Fire Stick works

  1. The installation of the device is very simple and we talked about it in the previous section: simply connect the device to the TV, using the USB socket or HDMI input. The installation of the product takes place automatically, no further steps are needed and the smart TV obtained can be used immediately.
  2. After connecting the device, a search will be made automatically for the available connections, which will highlight the local wifi network. Connecting to the wifi network will allow you to access a wide range of content, both free and paid.
  3. As this is a device marketed by Amazon, it is expected to quickly enjoy Amazon-exclusive content, offered free of charge to all subscribers with Prime subscription, which also includes Amazon Prime Video.
  4. In addition to Amazon’s content, you will be able to access content from other services, including Netflix, Kodi, and Infinity. You can also download the Fire Stick apps to use on your TV, to access other content. For example, there are official Vevo channel apps, Spotify’s app for music, and Amazon’s apps for photos and music.

10 best FireStick apps for movies and TV

лучшие приложения firestick

# 1. Cody

Kodi is a free app that can be installed on multiple operating systems, including FireOS. It’s available in the Amazon app store, and to install it on your FireStick, you can download it from the app store. You don’t need a subscription fee to use Kodi in FireStick.kodi

Kodi has hundreds of add-ons that can be easily installed to stream TV shows, movies, cartoons, sports, etc.

If you install Kodi in FireStick, you’ll easily meet your need to stream a variety of content, and you won’t find the need for other apps. It has a very easy-to-use interface and can be easily understood at first acquaintance.

# 2. Netflix

Haven’t you heard the term? Netflix and Chill?

Yes, you can enjoy Netflix on your FireStick device very easily by downloading the Netflix app to your FireStick through the Amazon app store.netflix

Once you’ve downloaded the Netflix app, sign up for the desired plan, and start streaming the best content available.

The best thing about Netflix is the variety of TV shows and movies. You can watch shows that are related to different genres that suit your mood and taste.

There are many Netflix trending shows around the world, such as Marvels Daredevil, Defenders, Jessica Jones, The Punisher, and many other TV shows such as Stranger Things, Black Mirror, House of Cards, etc.

Netflix is really one of the best fireStick apps for streaming, which is available online at a very reasonable price and in HD quality. You will never feel the need to switch to any other service because the service is simply amazing.

# 3. HBO Now

HBO is without a doubt one of the best and oldest players in Hollywood entertainment. I don’t think there would be an entertainment fan who hasn’t watched HBO on cable TV before.hbo now

I remember when I had to watch a movie; The best place to tune in was HBO. All the recent and legendary movies were on HBO and it was the greatest movie channel.

However, times have changed and now we are in the digital age!

Users can now get the best out of HBO on FireStick devices to watch their favorite movies. The HBO Now app is available in the Amazon app store and you can download it for free. It has all the latest movies and blockbusters ready to watch.

# 4. Hulu

Hulu is another great streaming platform that works great on FireStick and FireTV devices. Hulu is an American media service with many channels for watching TV shows and movies.hulu

Hulu, like Netflix, has its own original TV show. Some of the most popular television shows on Hulu are The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, Difficult People, Future Man, Chance, The Mindy Project, and The Tower of The Morning.

In addition, some of the popular movies of all time are also available on Hulu, such as “The Pianist,” “I’m Tonya,” “American Psycho,” Jackie Brown, “Shutter Island” etc.

You can also watch your favorite sports live on Hulu, as well as in the kids’ section get the best anime on Hulu, in case your kids are drunk cartoon viewers.

# 5. Crackling

Crackle is a streaming app from Sony that is available for free at the Amazon app store. It has all the best movies and TV shows you want to watch. Crackle has an extensive library of films of different genres such as action, horror, and fiction.crackle

Users can simply create their own account and start accessing all the content available in the Crackle app. The library is constantly updated, adding the latest movies as well as some of the best blockbusters that have been released.

Sony Crackle offers good quality video streaming with smooth speeds. Just install this FireStick app and start your entertainment tour.


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