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The advancement in CCTV Cameras are increasing continuously to provide us clear and sharp result for this purpose a new technology called 4K Technology introduced which is starting to overtake 1080P as the most commonly known and requested high definition resolution for cameras as well. In start this technology was bit expensive but it have become more and more affordable over the years.

A common misunderstanding among us is that 4K mean 4Megapixels which is not correct. 4K actually corresponds with approximately 8 megapixels. That is around 4 times the resolution of a standard high definition 1080p image. 4K is also known as Ultra HD technology which resolution is 3,840 x 2,160 pixels that is four time higher than as many pixels in normal CCTV Camera Price in Lahore and DVR. There are many factors that affect the overall quality of the video, such as performance in low light and wide dynamic range (WDR), frame rate, sensor size, and the ability of the lens to zoom and focus optically. For example when you want to install 4K CCTV Cameras system so also have to install 4K DVR, LCD and HDMI because if one of them is not compatible then display will not show 4K result.

Advantages of 4K CCTV Cameras

  • Fewer cameras can cover desired area so it minimizes the extra quantity of CCTV Cameras.
  • Zoom result is extra clear and sharp.
  • They will cover large area and especially in night view provide clear view.

4K Technology Cost Affected

4K Technology in CCTV Cameras comes with a cost, and that cost is a tradeoff between quality, performance, and price. It is the matter of common sense that pay more gets more so when you want a latest technology with advanced feature of clear and sharp result and extra clarity in zooming so you have to spend some extra money. In start this technology was bit expensive but it have become more and more affordable over the years.

Storage Requirement

It is understood that more pixels means larger image size and video storage capacity is already a major limitation for security system. In normal cameras, storage capacity is low so you can get more storage but if you turn to 4K technology, you have to increase storage capacity because 4K video requires twice as much storage as a 4MP video, and 4 times as much as a 1080p video. For example a 4K camera uses only a third more bandwidth than their 5MP, even though the resolution is 60% higher!

Processing Power Required

The higher the resolution of CCTV Cameras, the harder the processor has to work. Not all NVRs are compatible with 4K cameras, and many systems that are compatible can be overloaded by too many 4K cameras. A system that is overloaded may be leggy and unresponsive, and may even result in cameras dropping offline unexpectedly.

Viewing in Full Resolution is Difficult

When you purchase 4K CCTV Cameras system along with 4K LCD and plan to watch all cameras at a time on screen, they view in low resolution because only one camera of 4K can be viewed at a time on screen. our most commonly used viewing mode is probably 8 CCTV Cameras at a time, and our systems support viewing up to 64 simultaneously because there are not enough pixels on your 4K TV.

Wiring should be Compatible

If you want to install 4K IP Cameras system, the most important thing is cabling that have to transmit data into NVR and through NVR to your display LCD.  If anyone of the connected medium is not compatible with each other, you can’t get desired or actual result.  We recommend installing CAT6 cabling for security systems, CAT5E is sufficient for a 4K camera system.

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