Shopping in a custom furniture store will make most shoppers feel like their fantasy has come true. Most people believe that handmade furniture is extremely costly because it’s customary. However, pieces in custom furniture shops are just as cheap as mass-produced furniture.

What makes up the prices for a custom furniture store?

Although major companies have strategic formulas and approach to price, their furniture, and custom furniture stores do not. There are certain considerations in the custom furniture store that determine the cost of their furniture. There is a strategic explanation behind all their prices for furniture stores that determine their low prices. Here are some of the most important factors:


An incredible custom furniture shop would usually get their labour from their home country. Companies don’t invest in cheap offshore labour. This guarantees the consistency of custom furniture pieces, which is why they just indulge in ethical activities in the furniture shop. A significant proportion of the mark goes into paying our workers equally.  They respect their workers so much and want to make sure that they get paid for their diligent and professional jobs. The consumers should also be reassured that their bed, bookcase, coffee table or desk has been ethically designed.

Quality materials

Custom furniture is typically made of solid wood. It is a much safer material than particleboard or acrylic since it will last for several more years. Quality materials, though, can be very costly to source. This ensures that to make a profit, the custom furniture shop must balance its products’ price. Here are the wood species that the best companies use in their store.

  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Maple
  • Red oak
  • Hickorywhite oak
  • Walnut


Besides, if a custom furniture manufacturer uses raw material, it can be expensive, as it requires a lot of material to forge it. But, bear in mind, raw steel can last for a lifetime, so it’s worth investing in.

If you want a kitchen countertop, it’s safer to go with a custom made kitchen countertops. It ensures that the furniture does not suffer from wear and tear through the years of use. This takes us to our next argument on why you should pick personalised furniture.

You can keep it forever

Perhaps the best incentive to buy handmade furniture is that you will enjoy it forever. This is a significant factor in the price of handmade furniture. The piece you create will last for decades, and you can pass it on to your children. In addition, the piece fits ideally into your space, with no one else getting a piece just like that. Custom furniture shops know this, but they’re not betting on anything you have to repurchase.


Instead of depending on you to buy the same things over and over again, a custom furniture shop gets money out of your order only once. This ensures that they can identify the item to make up for the loss of repurchases. This mark would be much cheaper than what it takes to buy a new buffet or a new cottage table again.

Excellent repair policies

While several mass-produced furniture stores have 30-day return plans, custom furniture stores will not. This is because the piece is specially made for your room and cannot be resold. However, the custom furniture shop does not expect many refunds because they have outstanding maintenance policies. The buyer would be satisfied with their custom furniture, without the quality of the wood being wasted.

These come with a lifetime warranty. This indicates that even though your dog did anything to your custom furniture item, they will repair it for their customers free of charge. They give this because we know that the consumers deserve the best. They’re buying a dining room package or a bedroom set from us, expecting it to last a lifetime. So, they will patch everything that tends to happen to their furniture, free of charge.

These were some of the reasons you can never go wrong with handmade wood furniture, so do not worry about overspending.

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