This Corona pandemic has broken down every sector and crushing some of them into bits and pieces. But when people are working from home, do the demand for data center service is going to diminish or would flourish like never before. To know the details let’s go through this and you never know who might get end up getting benefitted.

Businesses are surviving on their valuable data. With these lockdown situations going on, even the higher authorities are not able to meet to discuss important decisions of the company. Meanwhile, the million-dollar data needs to stay protected and easily retrievable. Data Centers India are the only one-stop solution on which such multinationals and even small businesses can rely on. Data centers are responsible to deal with the security of your data from hackers and also for dealing with complex arrays.


data center India

Also in the middle of this pandemic people have actually realized the true potential of IT technology and data centers in particular. It can be stated like the healthcare sector taking care of humankind, IT has played a major role in saving economies from crashing down all around the world. But the fact that no one can deny that there are restrictions that have resulted in disruptions in the IT operations directly or indirectly. But it is not a fault that can be put onto an individual. The IT field engineers are restricted within the vicinity of data centers. So they are not able to monitor glitches that were taken care of on a daily basis before.

Let me make you aware of the fact if you are unknown to it that the government was planning to invest a lot in the data center parks throughout the country. Observing the power of data that holds a crucial role and needs to be protected from any kind of threat. There are so many challenges due to this lockdown situation and how it has constricted organizations from doing business freely. There used to be so many field engineers or technicians working especially in the maintenance of the data centers have been cut short lately.

So will this situation get back to normal sooner or later?  Seeing the current situation there is no obvious answer to this but one thing can definitely be assured that once all of this gets over, demand for data centers is going to hit the peak. This is because businesses will plan to expand in order to recover their losses. Already so many of the data center providers have experienced an increase in the demand for data center services with this work from home and social distancing trend. Also, they have assured that they are almost ready to handle any surge in the demand of the data centers in the future.

Although a decline in IT spending has been observed in India which has not been observed in the past 5 years. This has led to a decline in the number of jobs in IT as well. But the picture is not that bad as it sounds like. As it is not hell where there can be no hope and this time the grass can be hoped to be greener on the other side. Let’s get to know why.

When all the sectors were cribbing over their losses, there were some who took it as an opportunity given unasked. Applications like Zoom, Netflix, Houseparty, etc. bloomed like never before.


With offices working from home, managers and employees need to be connected throughout and also with their clients simultaneously. This has also increased the demands for data center services in India and opened more opportunities for the future. This shift in IT spending has been observed lately and will continue for years as some of the major multinationals have extended their work from home policy till 2021. This has led to massive cloud adoption in India which has by default benefitted the data center service provider companies.

Not just the office peeps, household people relied on video calls to get in touch with their loved ones. Basically, this pandemic has made more and more people technologically sound. More and more accounts are registered on different and on all kinds of applications whether it is a video calling app or interacting over games online.

You can guess the need for more and more data center services by the fivefold increase for bandwidth. Seeing the possibilities that are rendered by cloud services, the businesses who were unaware before are also now shifting over the cloud to give that edge. There is no tension in the data center service providers. They might need just to install some more physical servers in the beginning. But this also does not involves much of an investment as compared to the profits it will bring in. This will bring revolution in the digitization world and will allow the experts to utilize the technology to its maximum capacity.

There are other reasons as well for an increase in the demand for data centers that are surge in need of computing capacity. This is all because the AI (Artificial Intelligence) is on-demand and is everyone’s favorite or the go-to technology to deal with AI-driven applications, our data centers must be latent free. Latency is the time lag in the case of data transfer from the server to the client. The time lag may not be an issue for some of the industries but for the others like stock market industry wherein each and every second count, it becomes essential to take care of the latency.

Hence, the picture is not that bad for the data centers as it might have been thought during this pandemic. Small startups who were not hosted over the cloud before this lockdown situation also adopted cloud hosting provided by data center service providers. It was not possible for them to work on or rely on in-house heavy computing capacity machines. It was also not feasible from the investment perspective.

Although the government plays an important role here in supporting this digital move. They should provide spaces on lease and on subsidized rates. This is the time to shape the country’s new-age IT sector to a whole new level. Data centers India will definitely play a significant role.

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