Orthotics come into picture when someone gets injured badly on their bone or joints. Orthotics is basically the medical branch that deals with the instruments prescribed in such cases. The instruments used under this branch are called the orthosis. Equipment that fastens the broken bones together or supports the hurt limbs and injured joints are provided. They are used externally to support the skeletal parts of the injured body parts in order to provide better mobility and improve the deformation. These devices and even orthopaedic insoles prescribed at the orthotics are always customarily made according to the size and requirements of the patient.

What can Orthotics Treat?

Orthotics are devices that are prescribed by the doctor to be worn on the foot, around legs, under a joint, etc. Following are the measures that the branch of orthotics can treat:-

  • Orthotics can treat chronic foot aches, depending on the reason for the pain.
  • They treat the biochemical cases with the feet.
  • Many times, a flat foot can be treated and corrected completely by the regular and right use of orthopaedic insoles.
  • The right and well-timed use of orthotic devices treat the inefficiency of walking, standing or running correctly.
  • The orthotic instruments help in correcting the posture of a body part that is affected.
  • These devices help in aligning the bones and joints of the body that get moved incorrectly due to injuries or accidents.
  • When a joint is torn apart from a point, the use of orthotics limits its unwanted movement to regain its real shape and strength.
  • Orthotics are used after the removal of a permanent plaster on a fracture. Once the cast is removed, the injured bones would still require rigid support to last the support the affected areas.
  • It offers rehabilitation to the injured parts of the body after treatments like operation.
  • These orthotics aid in walking for those people who develop permanent injuries and are unable to stand or walk comfortably.

Types of Orthotic Devices

Following are the major categories of the types of Orthosis Devices Available on prescription:

V Types of the upper limb orthosis are:-

  • Spinal orthosis
  • Arm orthosis
  • Cervical orthosis
  • Wrist orthosis
  • Elbow orthosis
  • Shoulder orthosis
  • Thumb orthosis
  • Rehabilitation braces

Types of the lower limb orthosis are:-

  • Foot orthosis
  • Hips orthosis
  • Ulcer orthosis
  • Knee orthosis
  • Ankle orthosis
  • Rehabilitation braces

People often face road accidents and develop related injuries, unfortunately. These injuries can be very serious causing a toll on the lives of people. Whereas sometimes the injuries are not fatal but cause major, permanent damage to the ligaments, bones and tissues which is very sensitive. With good orthotic treatment, such people can be benefited in the long run. This equipment helps in maintaining a good posture which indirectly helps to treat the affected parts of your body.

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