interior design

We all require basic and special ingredients to make the perfect recipe so that everyone could enjoy it similarly while decorating any room or your house you need to follow some design textures which may help in building or decorating an exquisite design for your rooms.

You need to follow some basic designs and styles to redecorate your rooms in master styles and there are some basic techniques and elements which you can follow to create one of the best bedrooms or any other room in your house.

There are seven elements which need to be followed which are explained as follows:

  1. Color
  2. Light
  3. Form
  4. Line
  5. Pattern
  6. Texture
  7. Space


While designing your room you must carefully choose your color scheme because the color scheme may say a lot about the person living in that house and it can also say a lot about a person’s choice about decorating the room. Overall, the perfect coloring scheme portrays a decent aesthetic choice of that particular choice. While choosing a decent coloring scheme ewe must keep in mind that certain colors imply for a certain mood, feeling, or space for example most people think red as a passionate and deep color whereas the color green and blue are considered as lively and fresh colors, besides, the colors yellow is considered as an optimistic color choice and the colors white and grey are considered to be a far more decent and sober choice for any person who is choosing this coloring scheme.


Another factor which highly impacts the design of any room is good lightning imagine standing in a room with a good and decent interior but the lightning over there is so bad that you can’t even see each other’s faces clearly or can’t even take good pictures, that will be a huge turn off for any guest who is visiting your house. So, you must be very careful about choosing the right lighting to apply in your room.


The shape of the room is as important as any other aspect of designing the room because if the shape is not perfect then any other creativity done upon the room will be of zero importance. The form is another word for shape and shape can be of two types i.e. the irregular one in which different curvy and abstract shape pieces are used which gives a natural look to the room and the other one which is the regular form in which the proper positioning is used in every corner of the room through man-made lines like squares and triangles.


Whenever we start any drawing, we start withdrawing a line same is the case for designing a room when you have to draw something or add something you will first calculate all the perimeters and draw lines that will help you in determining the position of different corners. There are two types of lines horizontal ones that help in creating a sense of security and the other one vertical line which are explained as expressive and bold. There are another two lines that are described as dynamic lines which can be a source of adding creativity and fun to the project you are designing.


Choosing the right design for patterns can also b counted as an important aspect in designing our room because if we choose the wrong form of pattern for our room it will give a chaotic and messed up look to our room which ill kill the overall look of our room. The patterns sheets mostly come in form of wallpapers and Wall Tiles so we should choose the right pattern according to the color scheme and design of our room that will enhance the look of our room.


Most of the people confuse texture with patterns but in fact, they both are two different things because the texture gives a sense of the object without actually touching the object. This texture can be mostly explained while choosing the right floors for your house because by choosing the right texture for your furniture or floors can enhance the overall look for your room like a person can tell if the texture is vintage or weathered just by looking it without even needing to touch any of the objects.


Choosing the right space for our design is another important aspect of interior design because if we will not choose the right space for placing all the objects our room will give a messy look that will be a huge turn off for all your guests. There are two types of design 2-d design in which the length and width are only considered that is mostly used for placing any new carpets rugs in your room, the other one is called 3-d space which also covers the height that is mostly considered when adding any new furniture in our room.

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