What are open back headphones?

What are Open Back Headphones?

Nowadays, Headphones has become a significant part of our life. Whether it is an earplug that you can use for outdoor work or a headphone for your indoor use, the overall demand is increasing a lot. Even many mobile phone manufacturers have seen this as a business opportunity, and they have launched their flagship headsets.

Headphones have brought a lot of help for us in various fields. Now the main question that most of the people have is; which headphone is best for their use. The question itself is complicated to answer because it depends upon your needs. You have to find that out yourself, however, what we can do is, we can give you guidelines on how to choose one.

But first of all, let’s understand what open-back headphones are?

Open-back headphones are designed in such a manner that you can stay connected to your outside world. What that means is that, when you wear open-back headphones, you can easily hear the sounds from outside of the earcups.

The external shape of an open-back headphone is usually not that mind appealing or good looking as compared to closed-back headphones.

There are many holes in the earcups of open-back headphones, through which a sound from outside can enter the earcups and to your ears. However, the sound/audio from inside the headphones can also leak.



Let’s say you are doing your work with your open-back headphones ON. And someone comes to you and starts talking with you. You’ll be able to hear the person talking to you easily, even if you are listening to music. However, The person talking to you can also hear the music you are listening to.


Applications of an Open-back Headphone

There are many applications in which an open-back headphone can come in handy.

Let’s say you are a react on stuff on Youtube, and you do that with your partner. Then if both persons are wearing a closed-back headphone, it can get problematic for them to communicate with each other. And if they use an Open-back headphone, they’ll be able to hear each other as well as the video they are watching.

Another scenario can be that, if you are a singer, then an open-back headphone can come in handy for you. Singers, when recording, usually want to hear the music for their song with it without losing the ability to listen to their sound too. Then an open-back headphone helps a lot. However, keep the volume low while doing that. Otherwise, your recording will also include the sounds that an open-back headphone leaks.


Sound Quality of Open-back Headphones

The sound quality of open-back headphones, in general, is mostly natural, balanced, neat, and clear sound. The sound stage that an open-back headphone provides is wide. There is also a decent amount of bass present.

Also, because of their balanced nature of sound quality, they can be used for gaming very effectively. Furthermore, many professional gamers prefer using an open-back headphone for gaming. However, you can only do so in a quiet and peaceful environment. Just pair them with a good quality Microphone, and you are good to go.

You can also check a detailed comparison guide about open-back gaming headphones at Best Headphone Center.



Due to their porous design, Open-back headphones can be beneficial for users that live or work in a humid and hot summer environment. Because of their specially designed earcups, the user’s ear can receive air, keeping them fresh, and reduce sweat from the ears.

In general, most of the excellent quality open-back headphones are comfortable.


Cons of Open-back Headphones

Like any other thing present in this world, Open-back headphones also have cons.

You cannot use open-back headphones on streets or crowded area, because the noise from outside will disturb your listening experience.

Open-back headphones cannot be used at Gaming Zones. That’s because there is usually a lot of noise present their that can irritate your gaming experience.

Also, it would be best if you did not use them when doing any work related to sounds that needs privacy because the sound from the headphones can leak.


Hifiman Deva

Hifiman Deva Open Back Headphones

Hifiman Deva is one of the top-selling and best performing open-back headphones. It is a wireless and over-ear headphone that comes with a separate amp unit called “Blue mini,” which increases the sound quality of the headphone significantly.

Hifiman Deva is one of the best most comfortable and durable headphones. And it also comes with a built-in microphone.

You can check a detailed review of Hifiman Deva at Best Headphone Center.



The open-back headphone has its advantages and disadvantages. Just keep those Pros and Cons in mind when choosing a headphone for your need.

I hope this article can help you in any way possible. I hope by now, you know what an open-back headphone is.


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