Website promotion with content is one of the reliable marketing strategies. It is not enough just to create a website or an online store , it must be promoted so that your potential customers can find your resource through a search.

Competent SEO-optimized  texts for the site today are the main tool for promoting and popularizing sites. The quality of content is important primarily for visitors, as they want to find the most accurate answer to their questions. Therefore, many site owners approach their content carefully and carefully.

However, when it comes to content marketing, this is a broader phenomenon than regular content promotion. Recent studies have shown that B2B marketers – more than 90% of them – spend more than a third of their budget on content marketing. In this case, several of its forms are used at once.

Social media is the leader among marketing tactics – 87%. The marketers interviewed in the study chose the most popular social channels. The results were as follows:


Interestingly, Google+ has gained a lot of positions. He was voted the best by 39% versus 13% a year ago.

Content marketing tactics and types of content

If we talk about content promotion, then these marketing tactics are becoming more popular today:

  • video – 70 percent;
  • research reports – 44 percent;
  • infographics – 38 percent;
  • mobile content – 33 percent;
  • virtual conferences – 28 percent;
  • mobile apps – 26 percent.

Although if we consider Runet, then by promoting content here most often mean exclusively textual content –  SEO content  is textual materials spiced with a set of key queries. Another old SEO company, the essence of which is placing advertising and PR articles for money and promoting articles on sites of the desired topic.

Features of website promotion using content in Runet

In principle, filling the site with content was originally conceived not for promotion, but only for the purpose of disinterested assistance to users. Based on this, we can say that content marketing should not strive to prepare texts for the site in some clever way, but create extremely useful and exciting material.

Content means any content of the site:

  • texts;
  • Images;
  • video materials;
  • audio materials.

Another feature of content marketing, unusual at first glance – it is a minimum of marketing calls and a complete rejection of advertising. Today, people are satiated and overloaded with advertising information. Which means that disinterested and useful content can sharply distinguish you against the background of texts screaming about themselves.

Best practices for using content marketing

  1. Speaking of content marketing, it should be noted: here everyone treats each other with distrust. If you manage to build trust with your users by creating quality content. You shouldn’t undermine them with sudden marketing messages.
  2. We offer content services that will be based on user needs and strive to satisfy them. Remember: no one wants the decisions to be made for him, no one takes his word for it – this is a fact. Properly created content will allow the client to make decisions on their own. And deliberate praise for the superiority of your products or services will only scare away.
  3. Give users freedom of choice, because the Internet itself is freedom, and in this sense, no platform can compete with it. Only here the user receives a variety of information about the goods, services, phenomena of interest, and can form his own opinion from it. Therefore, it is important to give the client useful information, the freedom to make a decision – and he will become your client!


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