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Five characteristics of web development

As I have many opportunities to talk with young developers these days, I felt the need to sort out what I think of web development. I’m not familiar with web development, but there are things I learn as I organize. First of all, I plan to organize the features and gradually organize the web development process.

  1. Data processing is central.
  2. It moves asynchronously.
  3. There is a diverse user base.
  4. Various developers/companies are participating.
  5. Keep improving.

The characteristics of web development I think are as follows. It is also a feature that there is no state, but it was taken for granted because it seemed too natural. Arichetechnologies is providing best opportunity for web development at Tech Companies Las Vegas.

  1. Data processing is central in Web development

Sites without content are not attractive because the web is already full of fancy things. Many novice developers seem to be negligent in data management because they are studying languages or frameworks. There is not. Db. management, such as normalizing frequently changed fields, indexing or caching frequently searched fields, is important, but you also have to worry about whether you are collecting the data you really need and how to show it.

Just knowing the specifications of MySQL quickly is not enough to become the developer you need in the field. Of course, developers who study hard on the MySQL specification often try to understand the characteristics of data.

  1. Move asynchronously in web development 

Modern web browsers are already running asynchronously. Although the synchronous method is convenient for development, it is necessary to introduce asynchronous to improve the user experience (ux). Users’ satisfaction is increased by processing them immediately. These days, the asynchronous method is also in the spotlight on the server side.

There is a reason nginx + php-fpm is so popular. Web development without knowing the asynchronous behavior will become more and more difficult, so I recommend learning something right now. For example rxjs.

  1. There is a diverse user base.

The open nature of the web attracts users from all levels of the world. Each user has different needs, and there is a high possibility that the design will be complicated to reflect various needs. Therefore, you need to quickly upload and gather user feedback to react quickly. Even an si that implements the software the client wants is rarely developed according to the initial proposal.

Therefore, if you are a web developer, you should be prepared in advance, considering that modification according to specification changes is natural. Another thing to note is that web services can be accessed in any way, so hacking or checking for incorrect input is the basic of the basics. E-commerce or a site that handles user’s personal information requires more attention.

  1. Various developers/companies are participating.

Although large Silicon Valley companies such as Facebook, google, and amazon represent the web industry, there are various companies and developers around the world, and the market size is enormous. The Tokyo branch, for example, is currently carrying out a number of small-scale development projects in the Japanese market, but it is still uncomfortable.

When it comes to it development in Korea, si in java seems to be everything, but there are various development communities. In this situation, deciding how to develop or how to pursue a development career is not easy. if the company decides, you just have to follow it, but as you progress your development career, you will have to choose your stack.

When developing a new web service now, what is the best choice for angular vs react vs vue.js vs jQuery, ruby on rails vs php vs go vs java spring? If unit price is important, it is best to choose a technology that can be developed quickly and reliably, but it may be more advantageous to choose a technology developed by a large it company or mainly used in the market.

  1. Keep improving.

The web industry is like a poker board where you have to constantly raise. Even now, new services continue to appear, and active discussion continues on how to provide better services to users online. When it comes to the front end, jQuery is done at first, but backbone comes out, angular comes out, react comes out, and so on.

As features are added, the requirements to be implemented at once are increasing, so development is becoming more and more complex, and this trend will continue in the future. In such a situation, the job of a web developer would be to study techniques to reduce the complexity of the project and prioritize ux over technology itself. You may also visit here about the web development.


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