Home security is one of the most concerning factors for everyone who owns a place to live. Life is a valuable asset and being in a safe environment is a necessity. The chances of a fire accident happening are always looming over the head as it can happen anytime and due to any reason. However, installing smoke detectors as part of smart security systems for your home is an efficient way to mitigate any possible fire accidents and reduce the chances of fire damage and hefty repairing costs.


With the prevalence of technology, even the most simpler devices are now transforming into smart devices. The use of conventional smoke detectors is coming to an end, as it is an era of home automation systems now. Smart smoke detectors have taken over, and they do not seem to go away soon. Smoke detectors are now smarter in the sense that they can make use of internet connections and send alerts in the shape of notifications, text messages, and emails to the homeowners if there is something amiss at home. This way, even when you are miles away from your house, these smart devices keep you in the loop and ensure that your property is safe.


However, there is always room for advancement and betterment when it comes to technology. If you think that your smoke detectors need to act more like a smart one, here are the three ways you can transform a not-so-smart home detector into a tech-intelligent one.


1) Install a smart battery:

The functionality of a smoke detector depends majorly on the efficiency of its battery. If it is not up to the mark, your smoke detector will lack the alertness that is important to detect any fire accident as soon as possible. But this problem has a very simple solution – installation of a smart battery. These devices multiply the efficiency of a smoke detector by increasing their sensory functions.


It takes only a few seconds for smart batteries to sense that there is something wrong, and then they alert the concerning authorities by sending them a notification of a possible fire outbreak. Moreover, if you have a fire suppression system, a smoke detector with a smart battery can also trigger it and save your loved ones and property from excessive damage,


2) Install a smart outlet:

A regular outlet will only connect the smoke detector with an electrical source. Although, with a smart outlet, you can control the functionality of the smoke detector through your mobile device. You can check whether it is working smoothly at all times and also get notifications about alerts directly on your phone. Devices like smart outlets also help in reducing the energy consumption and carbon footprint of your house.


3) Acquire a carbon dioxide detector:

A carbon dioxide detector is a device that tests the quality of the air and goes off if it senses more than the normal concentration of CO2 in the environment. If you pair this device up with your smoke detector, it won’t even take seconds for these appliances to realize there is a fire in the house. Another reason why a carbon dioxide detector is a good choice is that it can send alerts to your family members and the fire department as well.


With these extra devices, you can enjoy your smart home without worrying about any fire accidents.



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