One of the most important elements is water. Life cannot exist with water. Plants and animals both require an adequate amount of water. Drinking healthy water is as important as having healthy food. The biosphere’s life cycle is dependent on water—recent days with modern equipment set up new industries in cities, creating water pollution. Urban, as well as rural areas, is no more safe from water pollution. Ponds and rivers are the primary sources of drinking water in rural areas. But now they are even not safe for drinking.

Industries and factories have the direct setup of their waste in rivers and ponds and rivers. Chemical Industries are the main cause of water pollution. Harmful chemicals contaminate the whole water bodies. Sewage, garbage, and the liquid waste of the society pass to these water bodies. Toxic material such as lead, mercury from the chemical industries, and coliform bacteria from the sewage waste leads you to death. These chemicals have destroyed water bodies.

Earth’s surface covers approx. 71% of water, from which only 2.5% is fresh, is in the form of glaciers and snowfields. Analyzing the situation around us, it is tough to say that the rest of the water is so pure to drink it directly. Water pollution, air pollution has made it difficult to fetch potable drinking water.

Every problem has its solution. A water purifier is the solution of unclean water.

WHO (World Health Organization) REPORT

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) report, about 1.1 billion people lack healthy water. 88% of 4 billion are suffering from diarrheal disease. 1.8 million people have lost their life from various diseases, and the main cause is unhealthy water. This is the major problem of the world and needs an urgent solution to this.

Water Purification

Water purification removes all the contaminants, dirt, bacteria from your water and makes it safe for drinking. The purifiers remove undesired Chemical and biological waste. Water Purification is an aid to reduce the concentration of bacteria, viruses, and suspended particles.

Water Purifier enhances the quality of water. It is a multistep process of treating water with different techniques installed inside.  The Indian Government and Internationally set the standards of drinking water. These standards include the minimum and the maximum. The water purifier maintains these standards.

Types Of Water Purifiers In India

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO)

The water pump pressurizes the water through the super permeable membrane.  RO water purifier is most useful for salt, hard and chemical water. Installing RO assures of pure and safe water. However, it increases the odor of water by removing the contaminants that cause bad taste and smell.

  • Ultraviolet (UV) Water Purifier

Ultraviolet purifiers are a proven technology of killing the water-borne diseases causing microorganisms, pathogens, and bacteria. This technology is chemical less. UV tube is set inside the purifier through which water is passed for filtration. At low maintenance costs, UV water provides you with the best service and high purification rate. It consumes less energy. Kills the harmful bacteria and keeping the essential minerals.

  • Ultra Filtration (UF) Water Purifier

Ultrafiltration is the technology of purifying water. It uses the hollow membrane made up of materials capable of separating other particles present in the water. One of the significant disadvantages of this purifier is that it does not treat hard water. The considerable advantage of this purifier is that it works without electricity. It does not leave the germs and dead bodies in purified water. The water fetch is very pure

  • Sediment Filter

This is used as the pre-filter. It works along with another type of purifier like RO, UV. This collects all the dust, mud, and all the unwanted substances present in the water. In India, most of the sediment filters are made from fibers, cotton, polyesters fibers.

Water Purifier Service in India is very useful and satisfying. The water purifier can be bought online or at the company store.

Water Purifier Services

The different company provides you with various services. Some of the services are common in all companies. They provide you with the serviceman at your doorsteps whenever you have a problem with your purifier. A fully experienced and trained team is equipped. A proper diagnosis of your purifier is made to identify the problem. Adequate detail of the problem and the estimated time to repair your product is given to the customer.

Water purifier companies set up their RO service center in most cities to provide the water purifier services at the doorstep of the customers. Thus you can book your water purifier service irrespective of the cities in which you live.

To get quick water purifier services, you can visit the nearest service center. To find the closest service center detail, you can search for the RO service near me. Google will show you all the nearest service center; thus, you can either call them or visit their service center.

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