A not so common problem has become a very concerning issue in just a couple of years for adults as well as children, and it is not other than mental disorders. Dr. Sanjay Jain- the best psychologist in Jaipur, says that mental health issues are rising among young adults and adolescents, and the cause of this is given to no other than social media. According to a survey, it is recorded that most adults nowadays are facing mood disorders and suicide-related problems, and it is increasing day by day. Any age group, gender, or caste can’t stop people from getting mental stress and disorders.

With such a drastic increase in the number of people suffering from mental health issues and disorders, it has become crucial to deal with these issues and make a person fit and happy both physically and mentally. People are now focusing on themselves and their children’s mental health as they’ve understood the need to be fit in both ways. 

Several ways can make you realize that you or any family member is suffering from mental disorders. Any unusual changes in sleeping patterns, eating habits, or taking and reacting can help you in determining any type of disease in a person. In case you find any change in a person, it is advised to visit a psychologist that can help you in finding a proper solution for your issues.  

Whom should you visit for mental disorders in Jaipur?


A psychologist is a professional doctor who specialized in treating all types of mental disorders in adults and children. They are trained to provide the best treatments with the help of modern technologies and the easiest way possible. Dr. Sanjay Jain is a well-known and Jaipur’s best psychiatrist in Jaipur that treats all aspects of mental care issues and disorders to help people living a healthy life. 

What are the types of mental illnesses that are treated in Jaipur?

Like any other disorder, mental issues can also be seen in many different ways but can equally destroy a person’s life. If a person finds any of the below-mentioned issues with them, they must immediately consult a psychologist to get the proper cure for the problem. Jaipur is home to various clinics and hospitals that offer treatments for psychological issues. Hundreds of people visit the city to get the best cure with the highest success chances.

The disorders treated in Jaipur are as follows:

  • Substance Abuse Disorder

There are some people who have the habit of taking recreational drugs like cannabis, weed, marijuana, smack etc. Sometimes they become addicted to this and are unable to live without these substances. The best psychologists in Jaipur provide the treatment for substance abuse disorder which helps people to overcome these addictions and lead a healthy life.


  • Anxiety Disorder 

People who are suffering from anxiety disorder react to several situations with fear and dread and also show physical signs of anxiety and panic through actions like rapid heartbeat and unusual sweating. A solution to excited disorder is given to people if they don’t respond to a situation appropriately and also when they can’t control their response. Anxiety disorders are usually divided into several categories like panic disorder, anxiety disorder, and any other phobia that a person has. 

  • Mood disorders

Mood disordergenerally known as an affective disorder, Occurs when a patient gets over back with any type of mood. Any persistent feeling of happiness, sadness, and anger are signs of this particular disorder. If a person is extremely happy or extremely sad in a particular situation, fluctuations from being extremely happy to say is a sign of mood disorder. 

Symptoms of this particular type are cyclothymic disorder, bipolar disorder, and depression.

  • Psychotic disorder

Distorted awareness and overthinking come in the part of Psychotic disorder. The two most common symptoms of the psychotic disorder are:

  • Hallucinations:  experiencing the sound and image that are imaginary like voices from nowhere is a sign of hallucination.
  • Delusions: any false belief of something that indicates that a person has an abnormality in his/her thoughts or feelings. It can’t be just through the religion and culture of the person and his level of intelligence. 
  • Impulse Disorder 

People suffering from impulsive disorder can’t control their urges and impulsive nature to perform the tasks that can be harmful to them or the people around them. Kleptomania (stealing anything which is not yours) and pyromania (to start a fire) are examples of impulsive disorder.  

Sanjay Jain- the best psychologist in Jaipur 

Dr. Sanjay Jain is a well-known and Jaipur’s best psychologist who specializes in giving the best treatments for mental disorders for people suffering from any type of mental illness and disease. With more than 13 years of experience in the field of mental health and illness and various international researches in the respective field, Dr. Sanjay is the first choice of people looking for solutions related to mental health. 

Dr. Sanjay Jain is ranked amongst the top psychologists on Google and various other platforms like Ptacto and Justdial and has got some amazing reviews from his patients who showed how he helped his patients to overcome their illnesses in no time. Here is one review is given by his patient Sohan:

“I was suffering from depression for 14 years. Dr. Jain helped me to treat my disease with his help. He is a kind, gentle, and experienced doctor. He did not give much intoxicant amount in medicine. I recommend dr. Jain. Thank you very much.” says Sohan from Jaipur. 


The mental health of a person is as important as physical health and that is why it is every person’s duty to take care of their mental health. Any sudden change in behaviors, eating, or sleeping patterns, and interaction with others can be a sign of mental disorders that you can’t take lightly. Choose the best psychologist in Jaipur to get the best solutions for your mentals disorders- -Dr. Sanjay Jain and lead a healthy life with proper physical as well as mental conditions. 

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