Writing is one of the primary forms of communication and expressions since hundreds of years. While for some it is a creative measure, for the others, it provides solutions to everyday problems. From ghostwriters helping those stuck in a writer’s block to technical writers keeping the companies’ direction straight. There are a variety of writers who help major corporations and solo writers achieve their goals every day. However, it is important to understand their variety of types in order to use them properly.

What exactly are they? Before we dive into the various types, let us just say that all of these writers play an important role in their respective field of work. This, by no means, is a comparison list. This is meant to merely provide the vital information regarding the types of ghostwriters available today. Therefore, without wasting any time, let us look at the variety of writers available today.

Blog Writers

Marketing uses writing more than anything else in the modern era does. From digital marketing to TV advert writers, written content is in demand everywhere. One of them is for content marketing in the online world. However, there are many types that make up the content for online world but blog writers sit atop that mountain. Why is that? Because blogs are widely considered the core of content marketing. Not only do they grant creative liberty, they help establish brand recognition and presence. That is why; a blog writer is an important contributor not only because of his or her ability, but also because of their role in the world of marketing. Therefore, if you are going to hire writers, blog writers should be your top consideration.

Web Content Writers

Web content writers are also often called web copy writers. These writers deal with creating web content. However, let us first understand the importance of web content itself. If you ever find yourself on a product’s page on a brand’s website, then think about all the vital information in written form that you find there. Who wrote it? That is where web content writers step in. Not only is it their job to write web content for product-based businesses, but also for websites of any kind. Whether its information, product descriptions, services and various other kinds, a web content or web copy writer will help you in many ways.

Technical Writers

Technical writers have perhaps the most challenging job from anyone on this list. Not only because they do not have a lot of creative space, but also because their writing can direct the success of a product or service. For instance, do you ever read user manuals or how-to and wonder where they came from? Chances are they were written at the hands of a very dedicated technical writer. Not only because technical writing requires a lot of research, but it takes an impeccable sense of direction. Now, for a second, think that you are given the task to write the manual of a product you know nothing about. Now, you do not only have to follow the directive, but also need to learn it. That is why, a technical writer can be a blessing for many.

Social Media Managers

These mount of creativity deal with not only writing content, but also interacting with social media audience. If your brand or company has a wide social media presence, then this type of writer can help you in many ways. Not only with writing creative content, but also to help interact with your loyal customers and followers.


Many a time, fiction or story writers run into a writer’s block and they just cannot ram through it. What should you do if such thing happens? Moreover, what should you do if you do not have enough time to write stories? If any of these are your problems, then the answer for all of them are ghostwriters for hire. These writers have perhaps the most ability out of all the given names. Not to take anything away from the rest of them, but this writer does not even get the credit for its impeccable services. Now, not only does it take a lot of hard work, it takes a lot of integrity and professionalism.

Honourable Mentions

Some other most important writers include brand journalists, email writers, scriptwriters and writers whose primary job is to deal with day-to-day operations of a company or firm. The point is, all of these writers play an important role in the professional world.

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