nightwear dresses for honeymoon

Your honeymoon is no smaller celebration than your wedding, and like your ethnic dresses, your honeymoon nighties too need to be stunning and loaded with sensuousness. Lingerie industry in India today is a million-dollar business thanks to the ever-increasing types and varieties of sexy nightwear options available in the market today.

Your every honeymoon night is special, and each of these special nights deserves a different type of sexy nightwear option.

Full sexy night dress in India

You can definitely call this one vintage, as this is probably the first ever sexy nightwear option, and even today continues to rule the best-selling lists. A full-length nightie usually comes in a strap or a halter neck pattern, with plunging neckline and completely backless. Though, they cover the legs and thighs of the wearer but the magic that this nightie casts is unquestionable. They usually come in silk or satin.

Sexy babydoll nighties

This is probably the highest selling sexy nightwear option in India. 8 out of 10 women pick a babydoll nightie for their first night, honeymoon or other special nights. They come in an eclectic range of shades, styles and fabrics. Generally, a babydoll nightie ends above the thighs and has plunging neckline and backs. They are well-fitted till the chest and flow free from down there.

Figure-hugging chemise nighties

You can undoubtedly call this one an amalgamation of classiness and sensuousness. If on a night when you do not want to go bolder, this one is the right hot night dress for ladies to go with. As the word chemise suggests, initially a chemise dress was a bit longer version of a camisole. However, with the changing trends, this sexy lingerie too has changed. Now, a chemise dress comes in a number of neck and back patterns, and can easily work as both an indoor and outerwear option. You can pair any of your favorite bottom wear or jacket with your chemise dress, and you are ready to seal the deal on a brunch, lunch, or a movie date, or be the show stealer at the party.

Sexy bra and panty sets

An animal printed bra and panty combo, or the one crafted from lace are the boldest sexy nightwear options meant for the nights when you want him to know how wild you are feeling.

No matter what hot nightwear option you choose, remember that confidence is the key to multiplying the sexiness of any sexy night dress for ladies.

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