night dress for women combo pack

The woman’s world of nightwear has evolved so widely over these years that a woman’s nightwear wardrobe is an entire world in itself. There is a host of colours, prints, styles, patterns and fabric options when it comes to women nightwear options.

Let’s have a look at the current trendy nightdresses every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Night dress for women cotton combo

A 2-piece night dress is a must have in every woman’s nightwear wardrobe. And undoubtedly every woman has a good number of two piece nightdresses ranging from super cute to super sexy. A 2 piece nightdress comes with a lower and a top. The lower can either be of full length, ankle length, three-fourth length, knee length or a short one. The top wear can either be a buttoned shirt or a T-shirt with a variety of neck, back and sleeve patterns. The styles available for 2-piece nightdresses are never ending. Similarly, the patterns and prints available in these are equally large ranging from solid monotones to geometric prints to animal prints to floral prints and asymmetrical prints to name a few.


Another popular cotton nightdress for women is maxi. It comes in varying lengths such as long, three-fourth, knee length or a short one. This is a one-piece nightdress and is extremely comfortable. Like the two-piece, these as well come in host of colours and patterns. Most of the middle aged and old age Indian women wear a full-length maxi as a nightwear as well as a daily house wear piece of clothing.

T-Shirt Dress

This one is more popular in young age girls. This is exactly a T-shirt just a bit loose and long as much to just end above the knees. This is the current nightdress trend in the young lot and if you are going to get married any sooner, this can definitely be your nightwear for one of your honeymoon nights. The patterns and styles of a T-shirt nightdress resemble a basic T-shirt and has the same prints and pattern varieties as available in the latter one.

Pajama and T-Shirts

Now you ask what is the difference between a two-piece nightdress and a pajama and T-shirt nightwear. The difference is that the former comes in a set and the latter one is a mix and match combination. You pick up pajamas from the different section and T-shirts from the different one and then fuse them as per your choice. Let me confess, in this lockdown period pajama and T-shirt has been my daily go-to outfit. The comfort level of a pajama and T-shirt is literally unmatched.

Lastly, let me remind you to check the texture and the fabric of the nightdress before investing in a night dress for women combo pack.

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