Tyre Size

It is considered that larger the tyre, better will be the grip between your tyre and the road. As the width of the tyre increases, it covers more area on the road which provides a larger surface touching the ground improving the grip of the tyres.

The size of the tyre is often ignored because drivers don’t have enough knowledge. But it is important to consider the size of your tyre as using an improper set of tyres can be dangerous. Tyre size is very important. An appropriate tyre size ensures more grip on the road which improves safety as the braking is improved a lot with the bigger tyres. Although it may affect the mileage of the car, safety is far more important than mileage. Bigger tyres do not skid when brakes are applied, whereas thin or smaller tyres do. By changing your tyres, you may improve not only your performance but also your comfort and driving experience. If you didn’t know, this article will teach you how tyre size affects your car’s overall performance and driving.

The specifics of the tyre are generally written on the tyre itself. Your cheap tyres Bolton is one most important part of the vehicle you should know about. Using the right size is an important factor in providing safe and comfortable driving. If you are not sure, you must consult a professional who can help you out with the right information for selecting the most appropriate tyres for your vehicle.

How does a right-size tyre affect your driving experience-

  1. The bigger the tyre, the more area it will cover on the ground. It means, more surface will come in contact with the tyre while driving, the more stability your car will have.
  2. Bigger tyres are expensive, but are safer and provide better grip and handling.
  3. Right-sized tyres deliver better performance and result in a swift drive.
  4. The tyre size impacts the amount of tyre noise and fuel economy.
  5. Different size of tyres has, different advantages and disadvantages, like bigger tyres, shortens the braking distance. Bigger diameter tyres tend to have weight much more than standard tyres that can compromise the speed of the vehicle while driving.
  6. Smaller tyres are more fuel-efficient and increase the mileage of the vehicle in proportion to the power of the vehicle.
  7. Turning, handling, grip, and cornering are provided better by bigger-sized tyres. The performance will be compromised if the size of tyre doesn’t match the size of your vehicle.
  8. Bigger tyres can take more load than smaller ones.
  9. The suspension of your automobile may be jeopardised by larger tyres, as larger tyres are heavier and exert more force on the ground, compromising the suspension. With smaller tyres force exerted is small and hence suspension is not affected.
  10. You will have to compromise your comfort with larger tyres as they are harder on the ground, creating noise and vibration, making you feel more bumps and shocks while driving
  11. Due to heavy steering in larger tyres, the effect of wear and tear is more. Tyres tend to wear out faster than the standard or smaller tyres.

Big tyres or small, the tyre industry manufactures various types of tyres to meet all your requirements. Not just the diameter, there are tyres produced to give good performance on different road conditions and climatic changes.

If you think of changing the tyres, you must replace them with the right fit of tyres. For improving the handling and performance of your car, you should buy Michelin tyres Bolton suiting your requirement. If you wish to buy tyres that produce less noise and less vibration, you should go with smaller tyres, and if you want enhanced performance and shorter braking distance you can opt for larger sized tyres. Bigger tyres look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes as well.

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