2020 is about to end. A new year is coming, and a cake is a must for this special eve. Have you decided on any flavor or theme for the same? The cake is an essential part of any occasion, be it Christmas, birthday, new year.  Let us discuss some ideas about the cake that you can get for your new year’s party. You can also make these cakes at home.


  1. Red velvet cake: Red velvet is love. This cake is what is best known to impress anyone. Red velvet cakes are available in various shapes like round, heart, double tier, etc. It tastes yummy. Every ingredient melts in the mouth so quickly. This is the perfect cake for the parties. You can either bake at home or buy online from any online store. 
  2. DIY cakes: You can find a straightforward recipe for your own choice of cake online from any website. They are simple to make. Take less time and you can impress your dear ones with your great talent. Everyone will surely love cake. Serve everyone in your family and also in your neighbor in the New year and bring a smile on faces. 
  3. Fruit cake: Fruit cake is liked by someone who is very much into health stuff. No doubt it is a delicious cake. You can also make this at home. You can order fruit cake from online too in case you feel too lazy to bake. Fruit cake is one of the new year special cakes. Use fruits according to season and availability. 
  4. Black forest cake: those who are chocolate lovers should go for the black forest cake. This one also comes in different shapes like round, tiers, square. So, it is one of the best desserts for any kind of birthday party or new year’s eve. Eat it with your friends and family. 
  5. Cupcakes: Cupcakes are appreciated and loved by everyone. You can bake it at your home too or order the designer cupcakes online for your dear ones. In case you are not with your family or friends on New year’s eve, then you can send the designer cupcakes for them. Also, you can order cake online in Delhi with these cutes cupcakes. It will make your people feel special and loved. 
  6. Eggless cake: Some people only eat eggless cakes. Either you can make it at home or order online. Yes. Many online stores only make eggless cakes in every flavor. So, you can easily buy it and make your new year’s eve perfect with yummy eggless cake. 
  7. Carrot cake: Carrot cake is like an American style cake. You can bake this at home on new year’s eve using baking soda or baking powder. In carrot cakes, you can use oil, not butter. This makes the cake long-lasting with creamy, rich icing. 
  8. Sponge cake: sponge cakes contain lots of egg whites or whipped eggs. There is no need to use baking powder or baking soda in it. You can make sponge cakes with only three main ingredients: flour, eggs, sugar. Eat this cake with syrups. If these cakes are available online in your city, you can send it to your dear ones. Go for cake and flower delivery in Bangalore. 
  9. Biscuit cake: Biscuit cakes are also sponge cakes. In this, the egg is separated, and both the whites and yolks are whipped separately. Then the mixture is mixed with flour. Also, biscuit cake batter is used for piped shapes such as ladyfingers. So, try this cake at home on new year’s eve and enjoy something new. 
  10. Chiffon cake: This classic cake is also an American style cake. Both baking powder and vegetable oil are used to make the chiffon cake. The eggs, in this case, are separated before mixing in the batter. Chiffon cake is for people who like to explore new stuff and a new year is the best way to try something unique. Make this at your kitchen or order it from online if this is available in your area. 

So, these are some ideas about cakes you can bake or order online for your New year’s eve night. Choose as per your choice and enjoy it as much as you can with your family and friends. Have a great one.!

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