TYGHBN Liquid Car Plastic Part Retreading Agent Auto Leather&Plastic Refurbishment Paste Car Plastic Parts Reconditioning Agent (30ML)

Price: $13.99
(as of Jun 29,2022 05:55:28 UTC – Details)


  • Car interior and exterior renovation, Long-lasting and effective
  • Nano-plated products can be quickly plated and protected, efficient and durable
  • Functional upgrade, anti-aging, black and bright as new, not greasy
  • Contains plant extracts, deeply moisturizes and maintains luster
  • Fast effect, long service life, non-greasy, no damage to the car, easy to operate


  • 1. Clean and dry the area to be coated with internal cleaner
  • 2. Pour the nutrient cream on the sponge
  • 3. Clean and dry the area
  • 4. After absorbing for 5 minutes, wipe with a tow

Commodity name: Liquid Car Plastic Part Retreading Agent
Capacity: 30ML or 50ML
Form: Liquid

Package Included(1Set):
1 x Plastic leather retreading agent
1 x Fiber towel
1 x Sponge wipe

Cleaning and Removing: Due to the long-term corrosion of dust, this product can be strongly aimed at removing the indelible marks left on the surface of plastic, rubber and leather.
Fast and effective penetrate deep into the pores of plastic to remove dirt and dirt that is deeply immersed in plastic.
One cleaning can last a long time, saving a lot of maintenance costs
It’s very convenient to use: just wipe it with a sponge on the desired area until you get the effect you want.
Wide Range of Uses: It can also be used as a refurbished product for plastic or leather care, such as car interiors and car exteriors, refurbished plastic parts, cars, furniture, leather products, maintenance, polishing, decontamination, repair scratches, slowing down aging and increasing luster.

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