What is acrylic?

Acrylic is a plastic material. A plastic with high transparency and enormous strength and flexibility. Acrylic is derived from its chemical form methyl methacrylate. 

Are polycarbonate and acrylic the same?

“No” polycarbonate is a different kind of material with high bondage between its particles that the ability to recover its state is much higher so these materials are more often used in bulletproof shields whereas the acrylic is used in display cases due to its transparency and glassy appearance.

How strong is acrylic TV screen guard?

Let us have a comparison between Glass, polycarbonate and acrylic.

The glass has an impact resistance up to 2.2 to 4 gigapascal and the acrylic has nearly 17 times stronger impact resistance than glass that is 37 to 40 gigapascal whereas the polycarbonate is 250 times stronger than glass.  

OH, polycarbonate should be the TV Screen guard then?

Strength wise absolutely yes but the thing is it is so expensive that it is almost 3 times the cost of acrylic and it is not that transparent as acrylic. Acrylic being that transparent does have a deterioration range of about 3 to 5% in its clarity. This clarity deterioration will be much higher in polycarbonate and acrylic on other hand has a blue light filtering mechanism and higher color depths. 

High-end specs, different sizes and best price, can I get this in India? 

“Yes” you can get this in India. An Indian company named Ridaex Systems India manufactures this acrylic TV screen guard at the very best price and in all sizes of TV as they are also the manufacturers of the best smart TVs in India.

Is LED TV Screen guard a must-needed accessory for a TV?

 It depends on the environment where the TV is placed. If you have kids at home there is no guarantee that they will not throw anything to TV or if you have pets there are high chances of your TV getting damaged by falling down and if you have people passing nearby the TV every time you may have scratches on your panel farmed by their touches. So, taking a precautionary measure may save your money up to 80% of your initial investment on the TV.




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