The vaping industry is one of the evolving ones in the year 2020. Once it was just the size of an infant, and now it has taken the shape of a giant, only getting bigger and better every day. Now and then, the big names of the industry like Nasty Juice – the top players in the manufacturing of e-juices, come up with a more astonishing device, product, or an e-juice. As time is passing by, more and more inventions are surfacing up concerning the vaping industry. 

Just like the past few years, 2020 is not going to be any different, as there seems no end to the constant evolution of the vaping industry. Even with a few concerns that come up relating to vaping, the number of vapers seems to be growing substantially. In the present world, the consumers are well-aware of what to look for when the goal is to buy the perfect vaping product. 

If you want to know more about the vaping world of 2020, below are some emerging trends that are taking the industry by the storm. 


# 1: More compact vaping devices 

When vaping devices came into the light initially, their sizes were pretty noticeable. With the years passing by, they seem to get smaller. The technology that is behind the manufacturing of vaping devices is getting more and more advanced, resulting in the production of smaller, more portable vapes that can be used more discreetly. The new-age consumers are now expecting brands building e-cigarettes to consider smaller sizes and more user-friendly designs in 2020. The reason why Jules – a type of vaping device – got so popular in 2019 among the vaping community is because of its slim – USB like design that makes it look super chic and is also easy to carry around. 


# 2: Rise of nicotine salts 

In 2020, e-juices experience the biggest transformation than anything else in the vaping industry. The term nic-salts is the trademark that shows the emergence of e-liquids this year. Companies like Nasty Juice introduced their line of nic salts that are all the rage among the young vapers. Nic salts lower the pH of the nicotine and give a satisfactory throat hit that is similar to a cigarette. These e-juices are a tremendous help for heavy smokers who transition to vaping to leave cigarettes for good.  


# 3 Prevalence of smartphones 

One of the biggest trends in 2020 is the integration of smartphones in the vaping world. Researchers and scientists are working to come up with ideas that will help connect vaping devices with smartphones for better and convenient usability. If this becomes a possibility, it is going to be the breakthrough of the year. With a smartphone, you will be able to monitor how much juice is left in your vaping device, the health of the battery, and other such functions.  


These emerging trends will take the vaping industry to the next level soon. Although, it seems like next year will bring even more surprises on the table for the vapers! 

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