Nursing a diseased or disabled person is not an easy job. You require not just skill in using various equipment, but also alertness, promptness, presence of mind, peripheral medical knowledge, and also compassion. So, if you are considering entering a nursing career or have already entered the realm of nursing, it is time to delve deeper. Needless to say, you need to pass tests meant for entering a nursing career as well as to consolidate your position as a nursing professional. 


Medical-Surgical Nursing Test 

 If you are preparing to get into a nursing school you need to appear in the HESI A2 examination. It stands for Health Education Systems, Inc., Admission Assessment. This test is conducted to test your academic readiness for entering nursing school. However, it is also a preliminary Medical-Surgical Nursing Test since it covers topics like biology, anatomy & physiology, chemistry, etc apart from basic math skills, physics, vocabulary & general knowledge, reading comprehension, etc.  


Guides For Preparation 

 You need to study well to pass this test since most nursing schools don’t consider candidates with HESI A2 marks below 75%. You will have to face a total of 326 questions. Since doing well in this exam is linked to your admission to nursing school, you need to solve previous years’ questions. This can instill confidence in you. You can get questions with answers, mathematics help, a test bank of real question papers, question review, etc. These guides can help you prepare for your exams better.


Other Examination

 Throughout your nursing career, you may have to appear in several examinations. NCLEX is one of those. You need to appear in this exam to ensure that you can safely begin practice as an entry-level nurse. It is different from tests for admission to nursing schools. In this test, apart from your knowledge, you need to exhibit application and analytical capabilities. So, it is a Medical-Surgical Nursing Test in the true sense. This examination tests your ability to think critically and make judicious nursing judgments.



 If you are a nursing career aspirant, you need to prepare yourself for admission to a nursing school. For this, you need to prepare for your HESI A2 examination. After you get into nursing school and complete your study, you need to again appear in an examination to ensure that it is now safe for you to start a career in nursing. This examination is known as NCLEX. For both you need guidance. Solving previous question papers, guides, question reviews, etc can help you a lot.


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