Penang is the third-largest city in Malaysia and is known as the state with the highest GDP in Malaysia. The state has great employment opportunities for freshers as well as experienced there are various sectors that level up the economy of Penang. Most companies here are constantly looking for qualified professionals and if you have the potential skills for the domains stated above and are willing to find jobs in Penang then, you are reading the right article. In this article, we will guide you about the jobs in Penang and how you may improve your candidature to get a job here.

Malaysia looks forward to employing foreign professionals to create diversity and Penang is an open state for most expatriates in Malaysia. So, the major sectors available for jobs in Penang are as follows:

  • Manufacturing Industry: Penang is known for its manufacturing industries. Nearly half of the state has a major industrial sector of Malaysia. Penang’s manufacturing sector has seen constant growth. Furthermore, the manufacturing industry in Penang contributes majorly to the Malaysian GDP, making it the nation’s second most significant industrial location outside Selangor hence, there is a lot of scope to hire new people with great potential.
  • Hospitality Sector: Hospitality sector has a great growth rate in Penang and has great potential to hire candidates. The hotels in Penang have usually recorded average occupancy rates between 55% and 65% over the last 5 years. This is a high performing sector and those who have a relevant educational qualification in this field and are willing to work in this field have a great career ahead in the state of Penang.
  • Education Sector: Education sector has great opportunities for qualified professionals. Most schools, colleges and universities try to create diversity and believe in hiring highly qualified professionals for teaching purposes. This sector has a great recruitment record for foreign professionals and most people who go to Pangong to get a job in education sector have to give a teat and get registered with the local authorities to start a career.
  • Information Technology Sector: Malaysia is one of the developed nations and Penang has lot of established IT MNC’s and corporate houses this gain is a very popular sector for jobs in Penang and recruiters are constantly looking for candidates with great potential and relevant degree from home country.

So, these are the top 4 sectors in which one may look for a job in Penang. These sectors are popular and have the potential to hire good candidates.

Work Permit in Penang

Getting work permit is crucial for the expats. Due to the strict work permit norms, it is usually expected that those who would be coming to Penang will have a job offer lined-up by the sponsoring organization. The usual Norms to obtain a work permit in Penang, Malaysia are as follows:

  • To get work permit in Penang, Malaysia expatriates or foreign nationals are expected to have a pertain a passport with validity for at least 18 months.
  • As per the norms made by the Malaysian government, the age of the foreign professional should be equal to or more than 27 years. Although, there is an exception in information technology sector the age criteria in this sector is 23 years.
  • A candidate may apply for the work permit in Malaysia once he or she gets the job.
  • Usually the work permit issues by the ministry of labor In Malaysia is for for the period of 6 months to 5 years only.

Penang is a developed economy and if you are the one looking to settle there then you must start your application for work permit.

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