Top Pillars of Visual Hierarchy in Web Design

Visual hierarchy is one aspect of web design that is often confused with the good visual appearance of the website when it is all about strategically influencing the visitors. The visual hierarchy of any website’s interface depends on the principles of aesthetics. Moreover, in other words, visual hierarchy stands for the arrangement of all the elements that are present on a website in order of their importance. This can be done in many ways be it by size, imagery, color, contrast, texture, whitespace, or style.

It can be determined by any of these factors but the most important function of visual hierarchy is to establish a focal point that can direct the visitors to the most important information. Though you can just simply hire a full-fledged website design and development company to ensure the best results for your website. But before that, let us discuss some of the top pillars of visual hierarchy in web design to have a better understanding.

One of the major pillars of visual hierarchy is size. Hence, you must consider balancing the sizes of all the elements that are present on the website. These elements should not necessarily be bigger as it does not determine the noticeability of it. However, you can simply maximize the more important elements when the information surrounding it gets too complicated to be comprehended by the visitor. So, make sure your website is designed in a way that the most relevant and crucial elements of the website are adequately large, clickable, and interactive.

Another very important pillar that influences the visual hierarchy in web design is color. This is because color has the potential to influence your visitors’ perception of your website. Additionally, each color has its own psychological influence and this makes the decision-making about color particularly important. Colors have their own hierarchy as colors like black and red are more prone to grab the visitors’ attention while light colors white and pink have a lesser impact to make on the visitors. This influence can be enhanced by using contrasting colors that complement each other as they draw greater attention and form a greater impact.
Lastly, the layout is one of the top pillars of visual hierarchy that determines the effectiveness of the web design as it not only affects the visual hierarchy and usability but also dominates the effects of the color.

Summing up, these are the top three pillars of visual hierarchy in web design but do you know what can make the designing process even better? Well, indeed an effective web agency and to your surprise, Auxesis Infotech is one such highly-rated website design and development company that specializes in all sorts of web services having years of experience and expertise in the marketplace.

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