Nigerian Traditional Outfits

It’s always a beautiful thing to see the diverse cultures that are represented in a nation. One of such things to behold is how these cultures have different attires that portray their uniqueness. It is almost unbelievable just how diverse all the different traditional outfits are, and they all belong to different parts of Nigeria. If you would like to know more about Nigerian traditional outfits, then you will definitely enjoy this piece we have created.

It is quite intriguing how many ethnic groups there are in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country with well over 350 tribes, and each of them has its own history, culture, food and fashion style. It would be near impossible to talk in detail about all the different tribes and traditional outfits in Nigeria in this article. For that reason, we will focus on the major ethnic groups in Nigeria and their fashion in Nigerian traditional styles. That way, you’ll learn more about the major tribes than too little about too many tribes.

There are three major tribes in Nigeria. They are Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa.

Nigerian Traditional Outfits


We kick off with the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria. The Igbos are known for their rich culture and illustrious spirit.Igbo Men wear the ‘Isiagu’ shirt (a shirt with images of large iron heads, crowns and other regal symbols) or a well-tailored long shirt with wide-legged pants or wrappers combinedwith caps, corals and gold-plated elephant tusks.
The Igbo women are known to be exceptionally beautiful. Their outfits comprise of the abundance of corals, a blouse and skirt or a dress. For special occasions, the women are also seen to be wearing horse tails.


The Yoruba tribe is one of the three major tribes in Nigeria and chances areyou already know about them and what they wear. Typically, Yoruba men wear trousers called ‘Sokoto’ and a nicely designed shirt called ‘Buba’ or a flowing cape-like top called‘Agbada’, along with a traditional cap popularly known as ‘fila’

Yoruba women wear the ‘Iro and Buba’ (wrapper and a top), along with a ‘Gele’ (head wrap) on their heads and ‘Ipele’ (sash) placed over the shoulder. Usually, the ‘Ipele’ and ‘Gele’ are typically made out of matching fabrics; some of the time, the wrapper also matches, while the top can be a completely different colour.


The Hausa people occupy the north of Nigeria, and their culture and traditional outfits are quite elegant simplistic. Hausa men traditionally wear large flowing gowns called ‘Babbanriga’ with robes by the name of ‘juanni’ and ‘jalabia’. These clothes usually some embroidery around the neck. Men also wear Tuareg-styled turbans or embroidered caps called ‘hula’.

The women traditionally wear ‘zani’ (wrappers) made out of colorful cloths called ‘atampa’, along with blouses that match, head ties and shawls or scarves. They also wear beautiful body paint called ‘henna’.
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