As the cost of conventional energy resources is rapidly rising, people are moving towards renewable and clean sources of energy. Have you also decided to go solar and avail various financial as well as environmental benefits from it? So, the next step will be to research well about the solar panel installation company who will help you make this shift. With various available options in the market, people often end up making some very costly mistakes. In this blog, we will talk about some of the most common mistakes that should be avoided while choosing a solar energy device or installation company.

1. Making a price-influenced decision
It is natural to think about your budget before buying any product or service and this becomes, especially important while investing in solar power. With the rising number of solar installation companies in India, it is very easy to think that a low-priced solar panel installation company will be just the same as a premium solution. However, making a price-conscious decision might look attractive at first, but it can cost you a lot later. For your solar panel installation, choose a company that holds trusted experience and a proven record of quality service to the customers. Shopping for the cheapest available solar panel installer might give you what you paid for; poor installation, faulty or non-durable products, poor or even zero after-sales-service.
2. Not getting multiple quotes
Whether you are getting a solar energy device for your home or your business, it is important to get multiple quotes from various solar installation companies. A solar panel energy device comprises of various equipment. So, it is important to ask your shortlisted companies to share an estimated cost of every device that is being connected in the whole setup. Doing this will help you in understanding exactly what are you paying for and what will you get? Getting quotes from various installers will help you in making a well-informed and wise solar investment.
3. Not understanding warranties
Solar panels and solar inverters come with a specified warranty period. An average warranty period for a solar inverter is 20-25 years, whereas the warranty of a solar inverter is 5-10 years. Apart from the product warranty, a solar panel installation company might also offer an additional warranty on the installation. While product warranty covers the replacement of the products, a warranty on installation will cover labour expenses incurred in fixing installation issues. These all might seem a little complex and that is why, it becomes doubly important to ask questions related to various warranties.
4. Not examining certificates
Choosing the best company for your solar installation might be an exhausting task to do, but it should not be your excuse for choosing anunauthorised installer. To save money on solar panels, often people ignore the certifications and license of solar installers. For a good user experience, it is important that you ask for the company’s authorisation documents and ensure that they are licensed to install solar products. Choosing an unauthorised solar installer will result in long-term regret and hence you should ensure that you are making a knowledgeable decision. The rules of authorisation and licensing might vary from one state to another. It is always a good idea to pay a little extra to ensure that you are getting a legal, trusted, and authorised product or service.
5. Ignoring customer service
Often people assume that if a solar panel installer is good to you during the sale, it will be good after the sale as well. Stop assuming and start asking or researching! Did you shortlist a solar panel installer that many people are giving negative reviews about their customer support? Well, it’s your time to cut off that installation company from your list. After sales service is a very important aspect to consider when you look for any solar panel installer. Before signing this long-term contract, you should know what your point of contacts will be. You should also ensure that the installation company will provide a locally accessible team of experts, so that any installation-related issues can be fixed instantly.

Therefore, choosing solar energy is a good decision for both your bank balance and the environment. However, it will be best to avoid the above-mentioned mistakes, when you are searching for thebest solar panel installation company.

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