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Why you Need an EMR for your Mental Health Practice

If you are thinking of establishing your own mental health practice or already run one but want to find ways to optimize on your efficiency then perhaps we can help you. Employing an EHR software for you might not be the law depending on what state you reside in but it can definitely make things a lot easier for you. In this piece, we will tell you about various EHR software available in the market which are perfect for helping you run your mental health practice. 


We will tell you about various options, some of which were designed keeping mental health practices in mind. From Insight EMR to Kareo, we will discuss them all with you! Keep reading to learn more. 

Best Mental Health EMR for 2021 

Counsol EMR 

The first software in our list is Counsol EMR and like the name of this software suggests, it was made keeping in mind psychiatric and mental health related practices. Hence, this software is best suited to serve you and your needs! The software has great features which make the client intake process very smooth. The intake forms are very simple to read and fill out for both parties. 


The templates feature in this software also allows you to make customizations to the template you choose which again makes it even easier to use the software for you! All in all, this is a great software for a mental health practice. 

Insync EMR

The next software on our list is InSync EMR which again has a lot of wonderful features which make it very easy for you to manage your mental health practice. Appointment feature in this software allows you to schedule as many clients in a day as possible and hence allows you to optimize your efficiency as much as you can!


The billing feature in this software also allows you to make things easier for yourself and your clients since it reduces the chances of errors occurring while billing which means your bills are reimbursed much sooner as well!

Kareo EMR 

Kareo EHR is another great software and is very popular across various specializations. The telehealth feature in this software allows you to make and keep appointments virtually through video conferencing calls. This feature was especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic as it allows clients to keep appointments without having to risk physical proximity or perhaps violate stay at home orders! 


The scheduling feature in this software also happens to be great as it automatically sees available spots for both parties and helps you schedule appointments which are opportune on both ends. 

Insight EMR

The fourth software on our list is Insight EMR which has a lot of wonderful features. This software also focused on mental health practices for the most part and hence is best suited to serve your practice! The templates feature in this software gives you an option of choosing whichever template you prefer and also allows you to customize this template according to your needs as well. 


Insight EMR also tracks payments through its billing feature and informs you about bills that have been due for a while so that you can collect them. A lot of Insight EMR reviews online report that the software increases the practice’s collection rate significantly which honestly is great. 


The final software in this list is AdvancedMD which is again a very popular EHR option across the industry. This software has a great dashboard feature which allows you to switch through features very easily and allows you to reduce the time it takes to operate the software and hence makes you more efficient overall. 


The claims feature in this software also helps you to file for claims very quickly and as a result have your claims reimbursed much quicker than before as well which is a great perk and something any practice would want! 

Which Mental Health EMR we Recommend to You

Now that we have talked in detail about various EHR from Insight EMR to AdvancedMD you are probably a little confused about which EHR you should choose. However, we cannot make this decision for you but can perhaps help you make your own decision. We suggest reading as many reviews for these software as you can since this will give you a good idea about the software. 


We also suggest asking for a demo of the software. For example asking for a Insight EMR demo might help you make a decision about whether or not the software is right for you much quicker than just reading about it. 


Hopefully whatever software you choose will be the right choice for you and your practice. 

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