If you have a lot of time and energy to spend cleaning, there are some difficult tasks that you can do yourself. Treating a hardwood floor can be challenging for inexperienced cleaners, but other tasks require the help of a professional. Of all the cleaning tasks you can do yourself, upholstery cleaning can be one of the most difficult. Some types of upholstery can be cleaned at home with care, but others trying to clean may cause permanent damage.

Perhaps the simplest upholstery cleaning task, and probably not causing serious problems, is vacuuming all the furniture surfaces. Be sure to vacuum under the cushions too. If your furniture is delicate or expensive, be careful not to clean it too harshly. You should also avoid using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. It is possible to carefully loosen dirt on many types of upholstery using a soft brush to aid vacuuming.

Most of the time, this is not something a simple vacuum cleaner can handle. This is where professional service can come in handy. They have specialized equipment that can take care of mold, bacteria, and other potential health risks to you and the occupants of your property. Professional upholstery cleaning is best done once or twice a year, but if you can do it more often, everyone will benefit.

Another area that professional cleaners excel at is stain removal. You can never predict when your dog will do her job on your precious sofas. Accidents happen and coffee stains, for example, may adhere to the fabric upholstery and stay there for a while. The only store-bought cleaners can do a lot, but the aforementioned equipment used by upholstery cleaning services can take care of even stubborn stains and have your upholstery looking like new in no time.

There are certain types of upholstery that can be cleaned with dry soap suds. If you are unsure of upholstery cleaning requirements, you should avoid any contact between soap and water or with your furniture. You can make dry soap lather by adding a small amount of dish soap and water, about four parts water to one component of soap, and beating until lather with an electric hand mixer.

In addition, the services provided by professionals are safe for you and the occupants of your home or building. Sometimes using conventional DIY techniques can end up posing a health risk, just as mold and mildew can do the same. Cleaning professionals ensure that anyone’s health is compromised in the cleaning process.

These are just three of the most basic benefits of hiring professional upholstery steam cleaning services. With that said, there are a number of techniques you can perform on your own, and some of them without having to turn to support professionals. However, for most cleaning jobs, no one does it better than the people hired by trained cleaning services. Just be sure to do your research before asking for their help so you can get the best deal for your money. That way you can hire a professional service that will do what you expect (and more) without compromising your budget.

If you are willing to risk possible upholstery damage, you can try a small amount of dry soap suds on a less visible area of ​​the upholstery. If the upholstery shrinks, discolors, or fades after the foam dries completely, you should stop cleaning immediately and hire a professional. Upholstery professionals have specialized cleaning tools and products that allow them to clean upholstery without the risk of damaging your furniture.

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