Technological evolution has given us many gifts and one such gift that is going to revolutionize the whole world is nanotechnology. You should know that nanotechnology is basically the manipulation of matter on a supramolecular scale and atomic-molecular scale. The average size of a nanometer is usually one-millionth of a meter and because of its unique size, it possesses many unique and distinct features.

The nanoparticles or we can say the concept of nonmaterial is now being used on a very broad scale and if you are thinking that its application is limited to only laboratories then you are completely wrong. In the modern era, nanoparticles are even being used in consumer products.

Nanoparticles in the automobile sector

You will be surprised to know that nickel nanoparticles are now being used in the automobile sector as well and that too on a very large scale. Although different automobile companies are now using nanoparticles in different parts of their vehicles, one of the most common uses is in the tiers. You should know that nanoparticles are used as filters in tiers in order to enhance the adhesion to the road. By doing so, automobile manufacturers are able to reduce the stopping distance when the roads are wet.

Even the stiffness of the body of the car can be improved by many folds just by using nickel nanoparticles. This is just a glimpse of how nanoparticles are being used in the automobile sector as its application in vehicles is increasing at a very fast pace.


 Nickel nanoparticles are not restricted to the automobile sector only as it is also being used for packaging, protection and even for processing of food products. By using the concept of nanotechnology, the molecular form of food can be manipulated in order to improve the durability of the food while improving its capability.

By applying a nanoparticle coating, manufacturers in the FMCG sector will be able to improve the packaging of the products as well. It will put antimicrobial agents right on the coated film and then the gas permeability can be customized according to the nature of the product. In addition to this, nanoparticles can also be used for detecting biological substances and other types of chemical changes in the food.

Biology and Medicine

The use of nanoparticles in the field of biology and medicine has been very successful. Even the direct use of nanoparticles on patients is showing positive results so don’t be surprised when nanoparticles will become a new normal in the field of biology and medicine. Currently, the application of nanoparticles can be seen in gene therapy, purification and separation of biological molecules, and even in products being used for drug delivery.

We are currently not sure about inhaled nanoparticles as currently, they can represent many different types of health risks. But various new improvements are being made in this field and we are hopeful that one day, inhaling the nanoparticles in the form of drugs will be made possible.

Nanoparticles are surely one of the most promising technological achievements of the human race as this particular field of technology has a huge potential. Saying that nanotechnology has reached to its maturity will not be right as still, there are many different improvements and additions being made to this revolutionary technology.

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