Hey guys, This is Varun Shanbhag a  Freelance SEO  expert in  Bangalore & Today I am going to be sharing with you five SEO myths that I’m glad exists. Why am I glad they exist because it makes it so much easier for me to rank.

Now without further adieu let’s get started!

1) Content can just pull and build links by itself

People believe that you can just write amazing pieces of content and then people are just gonna magically link to that on their own which does indeed happen in some cases but in the real world most of the time you have to proactively go out and build back-links yourself or else you’re just not gonna find yourself ranking.

2) content requires no optimization

You can just write a piece of content about let’s say “best protein powder” straight from the gut and write the best piece of content that you feel will work and you don’t need to fine-tune it in the sense of adding keywords, optimizing keywords, adding the keyword in the right place. Google is still an algorithm! Now algorithm looks at this piece of content like it’s a piece of code and it’s expecting certain syntax in certain places and you need to get that right.

3) keyword density doesn’t matter

That you can just write a piece of content and write the words that you want to rank for as many times as you want on the page and it’s not gonna sting you in any way or maybe write a piece of content writing those words as few times as possible. There’s a sweet spot and that sweet spot depends on how many times those words are written on page one on average between the guys that are already ranking. Optimization of your website needs to be done based on those figures. The easiest way to do that is with tools that are doing things like tf-idf optimization.

4) PBN’s  doesn’t work anymore

I’m well aware of what year it is and had well aware that this has been a loophole for quite some time but the fact of the matter is they still work you know. I wonder if the people that think that they don’t work just simply haven’t tried them or aren’t trying the right one.  Now me personally I’m not using PBN’s that much these days and certainly not for my big projects but when I do they still certainly do work.

5) Buying back-links is guaranteed to get you penalized

Guys the fact of the matter is Google’s Terms of Service say if you’re taking any effort-to to build your own back-links that’s penalizing, it’s not the fact that buying the back-links gets to penalize though that certainly is against the Terms of Service the fact of the matter is if you don’t pay for backlinks you’re simply gonna build back-links lower. That’s the way it is nowadays.. webmasters know how the internet works they know the value of their back-links. Yes, the link-building cab is done without payment but then you are going to be left on pages four or five.

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