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Hosting events is an important part of every industry. It helps in increasing the pan presence and making people aware of the new offerings by the brand. When we talk about live events, speakers are an important aspect that can’t be missed. They hold the attendees together by imparting their valuable insights and knowledge on the subject of an event. An enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker keeps the audience engaged by sharing insights and adding fun elements. Offering support to speakers is one of the most essential elements during live physical events.

As time has changed & we stepped into a digital era, virtual and hybrid events are on the rise. The percentage of virtual hybrid events and virtual conferences has spiked up suddenly when compared to the past few years. Today, there are ample virtual event service providers that offer an interactive and engaging virtual events platform. The platform enables one to host virtual events starting from virtual conferences, webinars to virtual trade shows and expos. Speakers can tune in from the comfort of their remote locations with virtual hybrid events and deliver the speech to global attendees virtually. They no longer need to visit a physical location to engage the attendees and impart knowledge surrounding the topic. With hybrid virtual events, speaker support becomes even tricky and critical.

Focusing on a few key areas and offering speaker support to virtual speakers helps in delivering an enjoyable and memorable experience. You must be quilling around, what steps you should take to deliver a smooth virtual experience to your remote speakers? And what should you consider to fully engage your audiences? 

In this post, we have discussed a few top tips to support your virtual event speakers. You can include the tips in your virtual event workflow to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for virtual speakers. To know more, read on:

1. Offer virtual speakers with the right tools and training

Today, most of the organizers and presenters are pre-recording their content or tuning live from the comfort of their home. With the advancement in technology, almost everyone is well equipped with devices such as laptops, PC, or smartphones. A device supported by a strong internet connection is a must for accessing virtual hybrid events from remote locations.

However, in the latest survey, it has been reported that many people find presenting from their desks a daunting task. Sometimes they face issues of internet connectivity while others say the room is not well-lit naturally. Getting this right is a major aspect to deliver a seamless and immersive experience to virtual event attendees. You need to make sure your speaker is using the right tool and technology while presenting talks. A well-lit room, organized surroundings, right tools, and technology is a critical part when a speaker shares his talks. It helps in engaging and connecting attendees seamlessly with the speaker as well as with the virtual event. Definitely, you want your virtual speaker to deliver a speech that holds values to attendees and engage them seamlessly.

To support your virtual speakers, understand the technical capabilities and resources your virtual speaker has. Apart from it, offer your virtual speakers the right technology, tools, lighting, training or coaching, virtual speaker set-up, assistance, tech support to uplift the experience of both virtual speakers as well as attendees.

Making an investment in virtual speakers for recording as well as editing elevates the engagement and uplifts the content quality.


2. Minimise the elongated length of speakers content

Well, everyone is well aware that virtual event planning and experiences are entirely different from conventional live event experiences. Physical events are hosted in a physical location with a luxury set up with lights, music, and a huge stage in front. Keynote speakers speak for an elongated duration with live events as it helps in engaging the attendees well. However, with virtual hybrid events, the scenario is completely opposite. In virtual events, the audience accesses the event from a laptop or smartphone screen. However, it results in considering different factors than live events.

If you are hosting a virtual event, having a look at the length of the virtual speaker’s speech is recommended. It is advised to minimise the length of the speaker’s presentation or content wherever possible if the length is elongated. 

Ask your remote keynote speaker to break up an hour-long speech into small segments for virtual events. It helps in keeping the audience hooked and engaged throughout the event. Incorporating breaks amid long sessions of virtual events is a must to have.


3. Keep the content brief and precise

It is advised to keep the content of virtual events as concise and specific as possible. While planning the content with your virtual speakers that they will deliver to attendees, you need to keep some key points in mind. It is highly advised not to use a lot of texts, charts, graphs, pictures, etc. The virtual event presentations that are very precise, and brief, help in delivering value to attendees and engages them throughout the event. It is recommended to make your remote speakers aware of the same. 


Final word

Once you plan to host a virtual hybrid event on a virtual events platform, have a word with keynote speakers. Offer them with the support they require in terms of technology, tools, training, set-up, lighting, rehearsals, tech support, and so on. After having a word about the technology, support them with the content they are creating. Advise them on trimming the length of content and presentations for better engagements. Keeping attention to minute details and providing support to virtual speakers helps in making your event a great hit!

By Saanvi Patel

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