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The importance of possessing a good set of tyres is known to all owners across the globe. Their maintenance and care to ensure a comfortable and safe ride becomes imperative.

10 Crucial Tyre Maintenance Tips

1. I Inspect and maintain the right tyre pressure

An adequate tyre inflation helps your car to achieve good performance. Each tyre of a car has a suggested pressure level by the manufacturer which needs to be considered as the ideal one. This would thereby make sure that there is safety, driving comfort and increased fuel economy experienced by the driver. This recommended pressure of tyre inflation is written in the owner’s handbook. The life of the tyre is elongated and the durability is enhanced when the car is driven with the right pressure levels. If the car is driven on a tyre that is underinflated, it could result in a serious loss of air and cracking of the tyre.

2. Inspect the depth of the tyre’s tread

The tread of the tyre comes in contact with the surface of the road enabling the car to remain stable on numerous road surfaces. The deeper the tread of the tyre, the more the performance and grip. The tread could wear out by the car being driven for longer distances. If the depth goes below the legal limit, it is an alarming signal for getting the tyres replaced. There are some indicators in modern-day cars that let the driver know about the decreasing depth of the tread. The Goodyear Tyres Coventry need immediate replacement in such cases. It is however best to get routine tests done of your car.

3. Rotation of tyres

The position of the tyres on the car should be changed periodically. The car type determines the pattern that should be followed to rotate the tyres. The instruction of the manufacturer needs to be followed under all circumstances to ensure the tyre wears out evenly and its longevity is increased.

4. Wheel balancing and alignment

The wheel needs to be adjusted for making sure that the driver receives more stability and comfort while driving. Tyres that are not aligned properly wear out faster. They offer reduced safety and cornering on wet surfaces. If the tyre wears out unevenly, the wheels would go out of balance. Other reasons leading to an imbalance could be the car hitting a pothole or curb, vibrations in the steering, floorboard, and seat. Both balancing and alignment help in preventing the excessive vibrations, bouncing of tyres, problems with the steering wheel, etc.

5. Driving within the speed limit

Rash driving could make it unsafe for you and your loved ones. It would also have an impact on the lifespan of the tyres. Hitting bumps or going over potholes could damage the structure of the tyres. The sidewalls of the tyres are also compromised by the application of random brakes and bad driving style.

6. The tyres should not be spun excessively

Over spinning of the wheels could happen when you accelerate the car hard. This causes overheating of the tyres leading to more friction and damage.

7. Regular servicing of tyres

This would help increase the longevity of your tyres and ensure their good health.

8. Prevent car overloading

The owner’s handbook consists of a lot of information which also includes the load index. If the car is driven under stress, it could increase the consumption of fuel, decrease its handling and damage the tyres.

9. Never mix and match tyres

The tyre size and type should always be the same on a particular vehicle. The original set of tyres is designed as the requirements and offers good performance in all conditions.

10. The repair of tyres should not be delayed

Any crack, puncture, or cut in the tyres should be addressed by an expert immediately. The Tyres Coventry should be repaired or replaced on time to avoid greater expenses in the future. This would ensure no compromises on the safety aspect and also improve the performance levels of the car.

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