At first, I was surprised when I saw that I was not the only person. My daughter bought a pair of old plastic shirts that still fit her (barely fit), and dug up the skates I played in the Derby a few years ago. We packed up some Disney songs and then walked around in the garage.

Then I realized that other people are doing the same thing: Taylor Lorenz and the trend on social media for young people, he said that the shoes that he wears now are getting hot on TikTok cars, which is indeed performance Not bad these days. You can do a lot of dance floor activities in a small space. Even if you dream of going around or skating, the first step is to enjoy the fun of spinning at home. So if you want to dig out old running shoes or snow for the first time, here are things you need to know.



“Skate” starts here. Now you have scratched the transfer part for the first time. Your favorite shoes become your shoes. Start paying attention to your location!

To snow in the season, bend your legs. These new sensory surprises have caused many snow beginners to tighten their legs and bust. It is the first source of ice imbalance (rectangular or straight line). Remember to relax, release the pressure, and bend your knees. They stand directly on your shoulders and the heels are directly on your hips. The soft feet can absorb shocks and the icing effect is better.

Don’t cling to your feet, so keep your feet standing, because this creates a balance we want to avoid. Scroll in the blank space. This prevents two tires from colliding and avoids the inevitable fall. Your feet should also be placed in the “duck” position, with the soles moving in the opposite direction.


Usually seen in small shoes, you may try to produce new traffic shoes at the beginning. However, this natural movement is not suitable for this culture. Click the “push” action on the shoe. The best roller skates with lights in wheels will create your skate’s steps more enjoyable.

Don’t get hurt

Unless you fully grasp the feeling of entering safety, it is wise to wear safety equipment during training. You will kneel, so kneel down. A skater with a helmet is the best, but if you want to be more serious, I like this slender knee dance. If you touch these, it will still be injured, but the pad will slightly remove the edges.

Wear a hat to protect your head, and consider elbows and hand straps. Clean the safe area every time you practice: sharp and soft objects should be inaccessible unless you are not sure of your skills, do not try to climb stairs or cross strategic terrain.

Know some basic skate maintenance

In order to make the shoes run smoothly, you need to do a few things. First, the nuts on the wheels can be tightened or loosened. Usually, scooters have very hard nuts. Make sure they are loose, it will move freely when you lift the skates and roll the wheels.

Basic skating equipment (like this) will equip your truck with a wheelbarrow hole and a nut hole. A looser car will drive more difficult but will feel noisy. You will need to upgrade the truck to match your professional level and suit the type of ice you want to make.

If you often walk on solid indoor floors, you need solid wheels (hardness grade in the 90s, for example, 90A). If you are away from home, a softer wheel will roll better than a hard rock; these two parts are usually rated in the 80s. Many skaters have an outer wheel and an inner wheel in sequence.

The thumb of the finger is another thing to check. Certain dance moves work best without toes, so if there are any moves, you may need to take your moves outside and replace them with small jams (called “blocking jams”). The more snow you have, the more likely you are to find yourself worn out with too many toes. The toes can be changed, and some models allow you to adjust the length, which usually requires Allen storage.


When it snows, the following fears are common. Early falls can be severe and can cause fear. The most important thing to inevitably fall is to know what to do so as not to hurt yourself.

To fall from the “shortest possible length”, keep your knees straight. When you are close to the ground, the effects of a fall are usually limited. If you fall, lower your knees and wrists. In hindsight, remember to put your head on your shoulders and protect your back with your hands. Likewise, leave instead of trying to stop. The more contractors you get, the greater the risk of injury.

It is difficult to think of all these techniques when you fall suddenly like a beginner. When practicing for the first time, please practice on a flat surface.

Get comfortable on your skates

The first step in learning (or relearning) ice is simply to train your body to move under the wheels. The fastest way is to wear it on your home sheets, regardless of whether your house has enough storage space.

Even with all, you will feel where you step on your foot while walking. You may find yourself jumping from the chair with your toes. When you put your shoes in a small place, such as in the kitchen while washing dishes, you will find various ways to practice and move the wheels while standing. When you move to a stadium or on the street, all these skills will serve you.

Learn some moves

Now we come to the fun part! What shoes are you doing? If you plan to go out, remember your hat and knees and start on a flat surface.

If you want to learn the internal dance steps, you can cut the music and start walking around, or you can choose to copy the TikTok dance. Structurally speaking, I like the courses that have been added to Instagram live. Los Angeles Roller Girls has online courses every day; it is free, but if you appreciate it, you can support the work by sending the tutorial to Venmo or Paypal. Another reciprocal group takes classes on most Zoom (if they can, they will send you a join link). Dance Skate also offers courses, and its summary is a collection of various soft flash movements, so it is very suitable for motivation and guidance. Rollerfit outside Australia has many introductory courses on IGTV.


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