Are you worried that your merino wool clothes like plain shirts or sweaters will not last for long? Then maybe you don’t know about the fantastic features of merino fiber. Don’t worry; merino wool clothing doesn’t get damaged soon. But still, there’s nothing wrong in taking proper care of your clothing. Here are the top four tips and tricks you should follow to maintain your merino clothes:

Wash Merino Wool As Little As Possible

No, that’s really not bad. As merino wool shirts are sustainable shirts and due to the natural structure of its fiber, this merino wool clothing actually requires less washing. The wool fiber has a naturally greasy layer called lanolin, which is the reason why no dirt sticks on the cloth. Also, you’ll be surprised to know that when lanolin gets wet, it will “saponify,” which means that your wool garment will dry out in very little time. Magical right?  

Curing The Stains In Seconds

Whether it’s a plain shirt or check shirt, stains destroy the beauty of all clothes. Treat the stains on your merino wool clothing with a good ox gall detergent or an organic stain spray. Take a beaker and fill 200 ml of water in it. Now add two scoops of detergent and make a paste. Put that paste on your stains and leave your cloth for about 1 hour. Wash your cloth with water and your stains will be gone. 

Prevent And Treat Fluffs

Fluffs occur naturally because short fibers work their way from the inside to the surface of the fabric. The best way to avoid pilling is to wear your new merino wool sustainable shirts or sweater not more than three times before washing it for the first time.

Clothing And Fragrance

Merino fibers naturally have the property to absorb and release moisture. This keeps your cloth odor-free. We recommend that you only wash the clothes at a low to moderately warm temperature with regular detergent. Machine washing can cause perspiration to build up and cause an odor problem. So instead of just throwing your cloth in the machine, do some hard work and wash your merino cloth with your hands. Make sure you wash with light hands as going hard may make the fibers loose.

Final Words

These were the top four tips and tricks to keep your merino wool clothes in a newly bought condition. Also, if you find this blog useful, then share this blog with all your friends that have merino wool cloths and are worried about their maintenance. 

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