Tips of a Stationery Designer: The Skill of No-Fancy Letters

Many companies and businesses are identifying the significance of maintaining a good image by synchronizing their identities with all the features of their operations, most of which are composed of business letterhead stationery and contracts. These, of course, are published in legible papers bearing their logo and imitating their personality.


These papers will always make an impression, either to make or break, on the standing of the organization. So, to be able to select a design that will best mirror the identity of the company must need some level of creativity and a handful of information in the color palette or a good stationery designer.


Mostly, business stationeries are nothing like what Romeo and Juliet send each other, not unless the firm is a floral stylist. So an intelligent designer should be cautious that the design shall not overpower the content of the paper. To be able to make it, one can bear in mind the following:


Decide on the professional identity of the company

The whole thing that will be put on the layout will finally make impression on the audience or whoever sees the documents. Thus, identity should have something to do with the product. For example, people won’t imagine their electric bills to be carried to them in a scented, flowery notice.


Consider the choice of colors

Colors got emotional impacts! Be sure that the colors will best signify the company. This is a great tool to amaze the brand upon the memories of readers. However, select only one to three types that are on the same palette. Rainbows are attractive, but not on a business paper.


Choose which important information to include

Certainly, creative stationery design has not fulfilled its functions if the specifics and contacts from wherever it came from are not comprised. The finest part is that this will not only give people information about the company, but it might also promote as well. However, font styles to be used must be selected sensibly because like colors, they signify a certain impression. Also, the font sizes should lie in a range of 9pt-12pt to guarantee its readability.


Be creative, do not stay limited within the bounds of traditional layouts

The upper page may be the first seen section of the document, but though it is used to the company name, it does not mean that the secondary info and logo should also be positioned on top of the page. Making a unique presentation pays-off. It makes people recall not just the paper, but also the firm.


Consider the paper quality

You must decide the paper thickness style, weight, and carefully depending on the budget and its compatibility with your inkjet printer. Selecting the right paper is similarly vital as the real design itself.


Match the letterhead with the envelope

Both together make a good impression, seeing both tailored with the company identity makes an even better view. Also, comprise the return address in the envelope. All stationery designs of a similar company shall have the same characteristics. You have to make a business stationery design that could signify the brands identity perfectly and help it grow.

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